Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Would You Do?

Last night i watched a movie from start to finish.. Id seen it before but only from halfway. Watching it in its entirety got my brain ticking. It made me ask myself many questions. I felt compelled to share them with my flat mate but restrained myself as i really dont think he is the right person to be discussing them with lol.

The movie was "Blindness" Made in 2008, starring Julianne Moore, Danny Glover & Mark Ruffalo.

If you havent seen it and dont want to know what happens, dont click "read more"

The movie is an adaptation of Nobel Prize-winning author Jose Saramago's compelling story of humanity in the grip of an epidemic of mysterious blindness.
It is a really good movie, i highly reccommend it.

This is not a movie review but a look at the issues and situations which occur.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

What's Your Flavour?

Mmmmm coconut.. that is my flavour! Not very PC (politically correct) but hey, most Aussies arent very PC on a daily basis. Its not how we roll lol.

Coconut, to those that dont know, refers to people from the South Pacific. Samoa, Tongan. Fiji, Cook islands, Vanautu etc.(oh and hawaii) Where did the term "coconut" come from? Im not sure BUT i heard it thru my islander friends.. thats what they called themselves....

...and my sexually flavour is COCONUT!

Whats yours???

Some peoples flavour is Oriental, some people like Mexican, some only like white chocolate, whereas some like the dark chocolate :)

Everyone has a flavour.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear Sex Worker, Be My Valentine x x

Ah... Valentines Day.... that one day of the year when your loved one buys you choccies, flowers, jewellery and writes poems declaring their love for you.....


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Summer Colds

After having been in plaster for over a month in the hot Australian summer, i was sooooo happy to finally be free to go back to work, go swimming, make a start in my new venture... so many things, a new year, 2011.. and then came.... the SUMMER COLD

Well it wasnt a cold as such, it was a viral/flu crap thing and well it had me out of action for a full week! Green snot, green flem, coughin like a 65yr old, 2 pack a day smoker LOL. My ears were blocked, my glands were swollen.. yep... it sucked.

Summer is my favourite time of year. When we are in autumn and then winter, it feels like forever since we could run around in fuck all clothes..and i like running around in fuck all clothes hehehe :) Winter is horrible! Too many layers! I like to let my skin breathe hahaha! So finally summer came.. and im yet to enjoy it!