Friday, August 24, 2012

No Sex = No Problem

People make bookings with sex workers for many different reasons. Sex is probably the number one reason. But its not the ONLY reason. Some people out there in society dont know about these people and they refuse to believe that no sex within a paid time actually occurs! Even some regular punters/clients find it bizarre when they hear about it!

In most bookings sex occurs. This is a fact.

But in some bookings, there is no sex. Its not what the client is looking for. These bookings happen more than you think. I dont work all that much but at least once a month i get a booking where no sex is required.

You may be asking - "If there is no sex, what do you do? Isn't it a waste of money?"

Friday, August 3, 2012

Whore Violence

In life, some bad shit happens to people.
Sometimes this is because of choices we make... and sometimes its not.

I have been spat on
pushed to ground
had my arms twisted behind my back
a pillow placed over my head to suffocate me
strangled multiple times
slapped in the face and body
held hostage for over 60hrs
woken up to a knife in my face
punched closed fist in the mouth
cut along my legs when i refused sex