Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why Do Some Men.......... (can apply to women also)

Why do some men…..

Why do some men still have the stinkiest feet ever, even after lathering them up with soap and scrubbing. Why is it that I only notice this when I am giving head?

Why do some men shower and wash everywhere but still have poo dags in their arse? Why are they always the ones that enjoy prolonged blowjobs? Why is it when ever I smell the poo in their arse they take forever to ejaculate? Do they get off on having girls smell their shit?

Why do some men try to stick their fingers into the hole where pee comes out? Why do they think I enjoy that area being poked hard and rubbed. Either rub my clit or put your finger in! My pee hole being prodded to death does not get me hot.

Why do some men not notice that I go very dry if they are too rough, that my clit that was one second hard and big, shrinks back into itself when they start doing something that doesn’t feel great. Cant they tell?

Why do some men insist on sticking their fingers straight up and as far into my punani as they possibly can when they can feel im very dry?

Why do some men while giving head, try to stick their whole hand into my punani? For me, it does not feel good.. Either lick it or poke it, not both at once please. Once there are fingers there my clit and stuff is stretched and it loses its feeling!

Why do some men wank while they are on the toilet having a poo?

Why do some men think that calling me a slut as they ejaculate is a turn on?

Why do some men kiss tongue first? - meaning instead of lips being the first thing you feel, it’s a tongue trying to ram down your throat, usually ending up hitting my teeth.

Why do some men think that an acceptable shower is 2 secs. Just a splash of water and TA-DA they are clean! Soap helps dude.

Why do some men scratch their sweaty balls and then smell their hands?

Why do some men continue to pound hard after I have dried up and refuse to suggest more lube? Surely they can feel it? Surely they don’t want to hurt my punani? Surely it musnt feel very nice on their cock?

Why do some men lick under arms? It feels really wrong and weird.

Why do some men love eating punani but then afterwards go to the bathroom and then cough/hack up their shit and spit like they just ate something bad?

Why do some men grind their 3 day old stubble on my punani and then get mad when I ask them to stop as its rubbing off all my skin on my clit and surrounds?

Why do some men when in doggy pull all the way out and then slam back in? One it makes air inside me and then makes my punani feel like the Grand Canyon and two, I fear they will miss and land in my poor ass! Not fun.

Why do some men give back handed compliments?
“You know, you are ACTUALLY quite attractive”
“You have a great FAT ass”
“You have lovely SMALL titties”
“You’re too nice to be doing this job”

Why do some men think that because I am enjoying myself, because I am smiling and talking a lot, that I must be on drugs? I cant just enjoy their company and my job sober?



  1. Great blog Holly but would make a better topic on TNK so I can answer the questions I am guilty

  2. Because we dont know!
    Some girls are just submissive and accept it - so when we go to the next girl we think that is how we return pleasure. or some girls dont want to appear as if they like sex and just refuse to tell us what they like / what they dont.
    As for hygiene - ewwwwwwwwwwwww