Monday, September 15, 2014

Big Brother AU/UK are a-ok, US is meh

So i admit quite freely that I am a Big brother Lover.
No shame here, I've loved it from day one, the moment i saw the first season in Australia. I love the social experiment aspect of the show. I love seeing how people mingle, how relationships form. I'm not watching a "competition" in my head, I'm watching a real life soap opera and its tacky at times and its lame at times, but I LOVE IT!

I was introduced to the UK and US version of Big Brother by a mate and

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Oh... Canada...... :(

Less than a year ago, Canadian sex workers had a win! Canada's top court overturned all restrictions on prostitution, declaring that existing laws violated sex workers' right to safety. The Supreme Court of Canada struck down bans on brothels, street solicitation and living on the earnings of prostitution in a unanimous 9-0 decision, and gave the Canadian government one year to re-write the country's prostitution laws.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Amnesty, you are pretty awesome in my books xx

Recently Amnesty came out and said they support decriminalisation of the sex industry as a positive model for countries to take on. For sex workers this is a huge thing! Its great! Its AMAZING! It doesnt actually mean that every country will take on decrim straight away but HOPEFULLY in time maybe one day they will do it! We can only hope! 
So then on twitter some tweets came under the hashtag #QuestionsForAmnesty from sex workers and allies saying great things and then of course the anti sex industry people with their radical ways of thinking.