Friday, June 18, 2010

Blah blah 1

This blog entry has no point. No story to tell. I dont know what it is really..just a blah. Sometimes you need to blah. Just talk a bit of crap. Once you blah, its like that weight, that weird vibe, that discomfort goes away. Its like giving it to someone else and then its in their mind not yours. Well i dont know about y'all, but thats how it works for me. I release it out into the wild, never to be thought of again. I can smile. My mind will instantly wander over to a new idea/thought/moment and all is good in my fairy world again.

Some blahs are stories, entertaining to others. Some blahs are pain that once told, sympathy, kind words, human interaction can resolve and remove. You may not feel that you want/need sympathy or kind words, but sometimes we dont know what we truly need until it happens, until its there, until its done. There are many different blahs... this is one...