Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Kissed A Boy.....And I Liked It!

Whenever i am at work, i have sex. Thats what hookers do. Its not all we do, but whether its 5mins or 60mins, generally there is shagging involved.

All the relationships i have had while i have been in this profession, whether that be proper relationships, fuck buddies or one night stands, sex has been the beginning... its only after the initial sex that i have decided whether or not to take it to another level... or to lose their number never to hear from me again.

Fuck first, consider the potential later.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dr Sex Work Expert My Ass

I am not a politician.
I have never been a politician.
If I wrote about political stuff, no one would read it.

I am not a doctor.
I have never been a doctor.
If I wrote about doctor things, no one would read it, nor would they take anything I said seriously.

They would laugh it off as a joke!

A sex worker doesn’t know about the medical profession.. Nor does a sex worker know about politics..

So say if you were going to read an article about sex workers, for you to read it and find it believable and trust the information given.. You would think that only a sex worker could provide this right?

Friday, June 1, 2012

International Whores Day! Woohoo!

Being a Sex Worker, like most small groups of people in this big world, every day we are faced with stereotypes, with prejudice, sometimes hate, with contempt.. in some form or another.

Even within our own peers...

I guess this happens with all groups that live outside the boundaries of societies "normalities".. but its hard to accept when the "group" you are in is your every day life and to you feels so.. so... normal!

I am judged by men who could be potential boyfriends/dates.