Friday, December 21, 2012

Meeting A Client For The First Time

*The Phone Rings*

Me: Hello!
Client: Hi, is that Holly?
Me: Yes, speaking, how can i help you?
Client: I was wondering if i could make a 1 hour booking. Ive been to your site and got your rates. Do you do incalls?
Me: Unfortunately, i can only do outcalls in this area. The council here are poopoos and dont allow sex workers to work from home or motels, but i can come to your home or motel.
Client: Thats ok, i live alone.

Privileged Am I

I never considered myself a privileged person. I come from a bit of a poor upbringing, hard times etc. Im not a "high end" escort, my rates are pretty cheap compared to most of my peers. Im not wealthy. I dont own my own house. I dont have luxury items.

 But at the end of the day, i havent CHOSEN those things for myself.. but i had a choice. I choose to have low rates. I choose not to buy a house. I choose not to splurge on luxury items..... and i think thats what being a privileged sex worker means:

Monday, December 3, 2012

Slave to Society?

So this morning after waking up and washing the dye out of my hair that i had left in while i slept :p i jumped online, the usual morning coffee routine of checking all the sites i go to and catching up on stuff, i was on twitter and saw a retweeted conversation that was going on between one of my followers and an actor dude from London who was anti sex work.

 So OF COURSE when i saw the tweet, i had to throw my 20cents worth in there but OMG it is so hard to say what you REALLY want to say in 144 characters and THEN when you have typed out a bit and you need to do a 2nd a 3rd tweet to say what you gotta say and a tweet doesnt go through blah blah. its annoying so i thought id write a blog instead lol. So there are some tweets that appeared from this actor guy and a few other randoms butting in and the conversation was going nuts lol but there were a few that i wanted to make comment on...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Im So Sick Of The Hate!

I think im a pretty good person over all. Sure i do some naughty things that some people would never consider - shit, being a sex worker is a little naughty to most! But i have a good heart, i try to help people, i dont spread lies about people, i do my best to be a good person, a good sex worker , a good daughter, a good sister.......

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10 Year Old Dreams

I saw a documentary about sex workers and in it, a lady said something along the lines of  "At 10yrs old, nobody dreams of being a prostitute"

This is true. I have not met anyone who at 10 wanted to be a sex worker.
I do however know a girl, who at 16 yrs old knew she wanted to do it! She was a smart lady. I met her when she was 34. Thats 18yrs in the industry. She noted every job she did, every extra she charged, she paid tax on the lot from day one, had property all over the place.. she enjoyed the work, and im pretty certain she could have retired comfortably at that age, but

Monday, October 8, 2012

The More I Have, The More I Want

I have noticed over the years, the more sex I have, the more I feel the need to masturbate.
But can I just say, I HATE calling it “masturbating”, I shall hence force call it “wanking” and by “wanking” I mean getting out a vibrator and using it to make myself cum.

So back to what I was saying - the more I have, the more I want!

My research has been extensive, compiled over a decade! I still don’t know the reason for this phenomenon, but I have noticed some strong patterns…

Friday, August 24, 2012

No Sex = No Problem

People make bookings with sex workers for many different reasons. Sex is probably the number one reason. But its not the ONLY reason. Some people out there in society dont know about these people and they refuse to believe that no sex within a paid time actually occurs! Even some regular punters/clients find it bizarre when they hear about it!

In most bookings sex occurs. This is a fact.

But in some bookings, there is no sex. Its not what the client is looking for. These bookings happen more than you think. I dont work all that much but at least once a month i get a booking where no sex is required.

You may be asking - "If there is no sex, what do you do? Isn't it a waste of money?"

Friday, August 3, 2012

Whore Violence

In life, some bad shit happens to people.
Sometimes this is because of choices we make... and sometimes its not.

I have been spat on
pushed to ground
had my arms twisted behind my back
a pillow placed over my head to suffocate me
strangled multiple times
slapped in the face and body
held hostage for over 60hrs
woken up to a knife in my face
punched closed fist in the mouth
cut along my legs when i refused sex

Friday, July 20, 2012

What's The Point If No One Pays Attention?

A little while ago there was an awesome report done on the New South Wales Sex Industry. It was called the Lash report and it was for the Minister of health (which can be found here-> )  .. It was a good report and it was done by a University who studied sex workers and by golly, they did an awesome job!

After the report came out, it made the papers!

Media was saying great things about the NSW sex industry, saying as a sex worker, we have it so good and we are healthy and pretty balanced.. We don’t have any more sti’s or std’s than the general population.. It was a huge deal and it was a great example of how decriminlisation is working in this particular state!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Kissed A Boy.....And I Liked It!

Whenever i am at work, i have sex. Thats what hookers do. Its not all we do, but whether its 5mins or 60mins, generally there is shagging involved.

All the relationships i have had while i have been in this profession, whether that be proper relationships, fuck buddies or one night stands, sex has been the beginning... its only after the initial sex that i have decided whether or not to take it to another level... or to lose their number never to hear from me again.

Fuck first, consider the potential later.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dr Sex Work Expert My Ass

I am not a politician.
I have never been a politician.
If I wrote about political stuff, no one would read it.

I am not a doctor.
I have never been a doctor.
If I wrote about doctor things, no one would read it, nor would they take anything I said seriously.

They would laugh it off as a joke!

A sex worker doesn’t know about the medical profession.. Nor does a sex worker know about politics..

So say if you were going to read an article about sex workers, for you to read it and find it believable and trust the information given.. You would think that only a sex worker could provide this right?

Friday, June 1, 2012

International Whores Day! Woohoo!

Being a Sex Worker, like most small groups of people in this big world, every day we are faced with stereotypes, with prejudice, sometimes hate, with contempt.. in some form or another.

Even within our own peers...

I guess this happens with all groups that live outside the boundaries of societies "normalities".. but its hard to accept when the "group" you are in is your every day life and to you feels so.. so... normal!

I am judged by men who could be potential boyfriends/dates.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


ive neglected this blog.... i dont know what happened... i just stopped writing... it used to be a need, to write.... now it seems like i never have the time!

 Twitter was always just a bit of fun. I never thought of it as a decent marketing tool for me, although i could see how it was doing wonders for others! Lucky bastards lol. So it was for fun.. But now, man, so many people use twitter to lash out, to have arguements, to make someone feel like shit, airing out their dirty laundry..... im guilty of it to, even tho i try not to, it really does suck you in. It just isnt right.. I see so much that i physically cringe when i read them. How did it get like this? When did this become ok?

Facebook brings its endless share of

Friday, February 24, 2012

OMG You have to follow this blog!!!

You will love it! Do yoursekf a favour and hit the follow button now!!!

Deliciously Bad
"I am a Melbourne based freelance writer. I write a lot about sex, sex work, the sex industry and Tim Tams. Sometimes I write other stuff too. And sometimes I even get paid to write. That's a bit ace!"


Monday, February 20, 2012


These days, bullies come in many forms.
There are many kinds of bullies, but there are some stand outs...

There is the standard "out and proud" bully. The one who doesnt care who knows they are a bully and even gives themselves that title. They will

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Videos.. omg i made some videos!!!! woohoooooo!

Sit back.. relax... and watch me at my finest ..


more like me making a dick of myself lmfao

hope it brings a smile to your face :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stereotypes That Piss Me Off

There are many stereotypes in this world.. and we are guilty of using them from time to time.. myself included. They can be funny, they can be true but for some, they can be mean, nasty and FALSE.
Just wanted to share with you some of the stereotypes i hear about all different things that piss me off.

*Sex Workers have sexually transmitted diseases/infections
FFS! Really? I can tell you right now, i am a sex worker and i have no diseases or infections. In fact, in my 11years in this industry, i have only heard of a few ladies that have.. and they were medicated pretty much straight away. In Australia we have free clinics where sex workers and the general public can be tested. In some states we are required by law to be tested. 11 years and i have NEVER caught any diseases.
Personally i think you are safer to