Friday, April 8, 2011

Poo! Whats that Fishy Smell?

This is a little post i wrote for an adult industry forum. Thought my readers might want to have a read.. could be helpful :)

Just in case you dont know...
WL = Working Lady

Poo! Whats That Fishy Smell??

You're going down on a girl, all is good, she mounts you, you fuck like a champ and then.. what the fuck is that smell? Ewww you smell fish. NOT HOT... but, not dangerous to you thank god!

Necessary Evil

Every day I hear at least one complaint about condoms. Some times its me complaining, sometimes its my client. Im sure this will never stop happening until a better solution is found to protect us all against the nasty Sexually Transmitted Infections that are around…

A necessary evil in the daily life of a sex worker…

And I also believe it it should be the same for anyone having sex in 2011. Its just not as safe as it all once was :( Sex has become a risky activity for all! Its fricken unfair!!!!

So condoms… we need them.. I need them….the world needs them… but I fuckin hate them!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Laid And Paid

I wonder how many people have paid for sex either knowingly or not….
Do you think the percentage is high?
As a hooker I know A LOT of people who have paid for sex lol. And I know a few guys who have paid for it without knowing… hell even I have paid for sex without realising!
Would I do it again? Probably…. Lol

I was manager of a club, a fast paced city venue, I loved my job and I met so many wonderful people that slowly became regulars… I had crushes on some of the younger lads… probably more so because I could tell they liked me and so I played up to them a lot. Its good for ones ego once you hit your late 20’s for 20/21 yr olds to still find you hot lol.