Friday, December 21, 2012

Meeting A Client For The First Time

*The Phone Rings*

Me: Hello!
Client: Hi, is that Holly?
Me: Yes, speaking, how can i help you?
Client: I was wondering if i could make a 1 hour booking. Ive been to your site and got your rates. Do you do incalls?
Me: Unfortunately, i can only do outcalls in this area. The council here are poopoos and dont allow sex workers to work from home or motels, but i can come to your home or motel.
Client: Thats ok, i live alone.

Privileged Am I

I never considered myself a privileged person. I come from a bit of a poor upbringing, hard times etc. Im not a "high end" escort, my rates are pretty cheap compared to most of my peers. Im not wealthy. I dont own my own house. I dont have luxury items.

 But at the end of the day, i havent CHOSEN those things for myself.. but i had a choice. I choose to have low rates. I choose not to buy a house. I choose not to splurge on luxury items..... and i think thats what being a privileged sex worker means:

Monday, December 3, 2012

Slave to Society?

So this morning after waking up and washing the dye out of my hair that i had left in while i slept :p i jumped online, the usual morning coffee routine of checking all the sites i go to and catching up on stuff, i was on twitter and saw a retweeted conversation that was going on between one of my followers and an actor dude from London who was anti sex work.

 So OF COURSE when i saw the tweet, i had to throw my 20cents worth in there but OMG it is so hard to say what you REALLY want to say in 144 characters and THEN when you have typed out a bit and you need to do a 2nd a 3rd tweet to say what you gotta say and a tweet doesnt go through blah blah. its annoying so i thought id write a blog instead lol. So there are some tweets that appeared from this actor guy and a few other randoms butting in and the conversation was going nuts lol but there were a few that i wanted to make comment on...