Friday, December 21, 2012

Meeting A Client For The First Time

*The Phone Rings*

Me: Hello!
Client: Hi, is that Holly?
Me: Yes, speaking, how can i help you?
Client: I was wondering if i could make a 1 hour booking. Ive been to your site and got your rates. Do you do incalls?
Me: Unfortunately, i can only do outcalls in this area. The council here are poopoos and dont allow sex workers to work from home or motels, but i can come to your home or motel.
Client: Thats ok, i live alone.

Time and booking organised

Me: See you soon!

When i get a job with a new client, at first i try to listen to them on the phone... to hear if they sound drunk or like a jerk. If i get a good vibe from my spidey senses, the booking is made and then i begin to get ready!

I put the stereo on loud, jump in the shower, shave all my bits and pieces.. run around the house naked trying to find something nice to wear. I dont get dressed up too much, its a country town and people here prefer me NOT to look like a hooker, so smart top, maybe jeans and heels if im feeling flash lol.

Get some make up on, not too much though, as it looks terrible dripping off my face after a good shag. Fix the hair, sort out the animals in the house, check my work bag, making sure it has all different size condoms, lube and massage oil, then im out the door.

The drive to town takes me 45mins. In this time i crank up the stereo with songs i can sing along to and get myself in a great mood. I may have 3 or 4 cigarettes in this time, i like to smoke and drive but i also know that i probably wont be able to smoke during the booking and even though its only an hour of my life i cant smoke, in a smokers head, thats a life time LOL. I always have chewing gum or mints in the car to pop in my mouth before arrival :p

I get in the mood, i get happy, i am a little nervous because i dont know how this client will be. I dont know what kind of things he will expect, although i hope he read ALL of my site and hope he knows that i dont do natural or anal and that im a GFE not a PSE.

During the drive, i will call or text a girlfriend of mine, with all the details of the booking, clients address, name, phone number, the length of the booking. This is a safety thing i have in place, so that if after the booking time is over i havent called her and god forbid i have been killed, she can call the cops and give them the clients details.

I get to his house. Have one last glance in the mirror, yep i look ok. I take my wallet out of my bag and leave it in the car..... out i get and head to the door.

Knocking on the door can be a little nerve racking. You just dont know who will answer the door. Sometimes from the initial phone call ive thought the client sounded young, so when they open the door and its a 60yr old man, that can be a pleasant surprise and vice versa! I worry about when they first open the door, what will they think of me? Will they take one look at me and think "Ugh, not what i expected"  Will my pink hair freak them out? (i do tell them on the phone my hair is pink, but i do mention "it looks better than it sounds" LOL) Will they not like me at all and tell me that they dont want to go ahead with the booking? Have i just wasted 45mins driving here?

The client opens the door. I stand there smiling..

Me: I believe you were expecting me?
Client: Hi, yes, come on in!

I walk in, give the client a big hug

Me: Its nice to meet you!

Pretty much as soon as i walk in, i like to get the money out of the way.

Me: So before we get nekked and have some fun, shall we get the money sorted so we can relax and enjoy each others company?

The client hands me the money. Sometimes its in an envelope, which i will count quickly, sometimes it is handed to me directly. I put the money into my bag.

Me: I just have to send a text to my girlfriend just to let her know im here safely
Client: No problem, would you like a drink
Me: Sure, i'll have what you are having!

I text my mate to let her know im here and tell her i will call in an hour or so.

The client brings me a glass of wine. He seems a little shy, a little nervous so my mouth just starts blahhing on crap

Me: So tell me about you.... have you lived in albury all your life? Hows your day been? Hows work been? Oh really! What kind of work do you do? ...

I sit next to the client, brushing his leg as a talk with my hand, smiling alot, trying to make him feel comfortable. I look for things in the client that i find attractive. It might be his eyes, his smile, a tattoo, a muscly arm,..

Me: Wow, i love your tattoo, have you got anymore?
Client:  yes i have some on my back
Me: well, then you better take your shirt off and show me!!

I want to make the client feel like i am hanging on his every word.. and 9 times out of 10 i am actually really interested in hearing about the clients life. I love meeting new people. Everyone has such awesome stories to tell. If i meet a VERY interesting client, sometimes i find it hard to stop talking and get to the sex part.. those bookings always seem to run over the time the client has paid for, at no extra charge :)

I keep an eye on the clients drink. As soon as he finishes it, regardless if i have or not, that is my cue to say:

Me: So shall we go get nekkid and have some fun now? Or would you like another drink?
Client: Sure, lets head to the bedroom!

I grab my bag of tricks and we head to the bedroom, or wherever they would like to have some fun. usually i will take the condoms and lube out of my bag and sit it all on the beside table or somewhere i can reach them. I try and gauge what the client wants to do. If he strips off quick and jumps on the bed, i will undress myself. If he hovers around me, i get the hint that he wants to undress me.

Clothes off, we climb into bed and i lie next to him, stroking his naked body. I love when they have a hard on instantly. I will joke:

Me: Wow, i havent even done anything yet and you're already hard! So easily pleased lol!

We may have a bit of chitchat, we may just start pawing all over each other and get to the sexy stuff, it all depends on the speed the client wants to go.

It might start with me putting on a condom and giving them oral.. they may ask if we can do a 69, they might just lie there and cop it :) .... i try not to make them cum during oral, as i like to save that for the main event lol. But if they do cum quickly via oral sex, i kinda feel a sense of "hell yes im the greatest dick sucker ever" - which i know is NOT true LOL. But for many years i was so shit at oral, now if a guy comes its like 10 points for me and my ego.

If he cums at this point, we will have a rest for a minute so he can recover, i may offer a massage, he may ask me for one.. we might lie there and chat, just touching each other gently...

But if he is still rock hard, i get rid of the first condom, put on fresh one, add some lube and on i jump!

Im happy to do any positions they like, heck ive tried a few that were a bit shit and i knew the position wouldnt work or feel good before we have even done it, but i will still give it a go for them lol. At no point though, will i do anything i am not comfortable with.

I am getting old.... shut up.. lol.... and so being on top and a whirlwind of positions does tire me out after a while so i will get them on top or in doggy, as to give my body a rest BUT also, they are my two favourite positions and i know they hit the right angles and hell yes - I WANT TO CUM TOO!

Yep, you heard me, i love to cum in bookings... well not just bookings, any time i have sex!! Why do it if you arent going to enjoy it! To me, having sex = orgasms. Thats what its for. Its not , having sex = babies! LOL I want to cum and cum and cum as much as i can (and sometimes have been a little greedy without realizing it LOL)

I refuse to fake it. I dont do fake moans.... i dont do fake orgasms... if it happens, awesome.. but if it isnt going to happen, i wont pretend it did.. i think its kinda insulting to fake it. Im not a very loud person during sex even when i am having a good time.. but im pretty sure guys know when they are doing it right :p

After we have pounded away, the client has blown his load, we lie back, catch our breath, i grab some tissues or ask where i can find some, take the condom off the happy client, clean him up and dispose of the tissues.

If after ages, the client couldnt cum and we might be running out of time or he is just having troubles getting over the line, i might suggest i go back to oral, or oil him up and give him a good handjob, letting him cum all over my boobs :p

We might have another drink.. we  might lie in bed chatting... we might even lie in bed cuddling... we gather our composure and have a laugh :)

At the end of the booking, i start to get dressed... i normally go straight home after a booking and shower, so no need to do it at the clients, unless they ask to have a shower together.. and if thats the case,. i have to be super careful not to get them all aroused again lol.

We hug, we kiss, he walks me to the door.. maybe one more hug and kiss... and then i am gone..

Client: Thank you for a wonderful time
Me: No, thank you, it was awesome to meet you, i really hope we catch up again soon!

I drive home... happy from meeting a nice new person.. a bit flushed after a good shag.... smiling that i just made some cash...content in knowing that for 60mins, i just have given another person a moment of happiness...

I text my girlfriend
Me: All good, on my way home, was a darling! xx

On the way, my phone beeps, I have a text message from the client!

Client: Thank you for a wonderful time! Would definitely love to see you again, will call soon . Drive safely!! xxoo

I get home, have a quick shower, throw on my daggy house clothes and enjoy the rest of my day/night, and just do whatever i feel like doing...

This is what i experience in a booking with a client. This is not every client of course. But the majority of my bookings go somewhat like this.

I feel respected by my clients. They treat me like they would a girl they had meet at a bar. They get nervous and shy and i guess in a way, vulnerable. They expose alot of themselves to me in such a short time. There is a mutual trust. They can tell me things and i will not repeat it. They can be who ever they want to be in the time they are with me. They are gentle. They are kind. And most of them do want me to enjoy my time with them as well!!

I do create types of relationships with my clients. Some i chat to on the phone on a regular basis, just to say hi and share stories about whats going on in our lives. Some i have fun banter with on sites like twitter. Some come over for a beer and a few snags, no sex, just chillin. Some will buy me small gifts for no reason, just cos they appreciate me and the time i spend with them. I have become real life friends with so many!

The minority clients i see that arent fun, that are demanding, that are jerks, there are two ways i deal with them.

The first, is to try and get them to see things from my point of view. Try to take control of the booking and direct it to a level where i am comfortable. This can work. A client might be being very rough, maybe because he doesnt know how to touch a woman, or maybe because he is an asshole and thinks you can treat hookers like blow up dolls!

To this client, i would say:

Me: Oi, are you right? How about you slow it down a little ay? Theres no rush, i want you to have a good time, but you wont if im not happy *insert pouty face here* lie back and relax and let me look after you

This works most of the time.

If though they continue to be a jerk, my head just goes into angry girl mode and i think  to myself  "fuck you, you are getting the shittest service so you never ever book me again"
I lie there, i look at the clock, i look at my nails i just let them pretend im a doll - within reason of course, i don let them do things i dont want to do ever! but i just do not bother getting into it all. Im short with them, im pretty much a bitch... they will get no extra time, if they dont cum when time is up, i dont give a fuck, im getting dressed and leaving

Me: Yeah dude, im going, you might wana get some lube and go fuck yourself

Jerk clients who think sex workers are shit beneath their feet, who try and be rough, who i just know are NOT getting laid EVER unless they pay for it, those kind of clients do not effect my emotional state. I dont give them a second thought. I may have a vent at another worker about them but the conversation usually goes like this

Me: OMG you will never believe the douche i had today..blah blah....

and will end in laughing and mocking of the dickhead client. Then thats it. I dont go to bed and worry about it, i dont sit rocking in a corner crying... its just an idiot person who is a loser and well, lets face it,. they are EVERYWHERE in society!

If a partner treated me poorly, it would effect me greatly.. but a stranger, a stupid client, meh, he doesnt make me upset at all.

So yeah, this blog, the booking i posted about, that is my normal. That is my everyday. Its a good day 99% of the time :)

I remember when i was working in advertising.. omg, i would have a headache every second day. I was stressed, the office politics did my head in, customer complaints made me want to cry.... i felt more taken advantage of, more abused, more of a slave in advertising than i do today in sex work.

In fact, i do not and have not ever felt any of those things in my nearly 12 yrs in the industry.

This is my account of life in sex work. Its not the same story everyone has, but its my story and it is valid xx


  1. Nice blog Holly, sort of how I thought it would be for you, a bit relaxed and very natural approach

  2. Thanks for reading xxx
    yEAH I AM a bit laid back arent i? LOL
    Im not sure if thats a good thing tho :p

  3. Hi, thanks for sharing. I have a couple of questions to ask you regarding safety. Do you think I could message you or something? Thanks.