Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stereotypes That Piss Me Off

There are many stereotypes in this world.. and we are guilty of using them from time to time.. myself included. They can be funny, they can be true but for some, they can be mean, nasty and FALSE.
Just wanted to share with you some of the stereotypes i hear about all different things that piss me off.

*Sex Workers have sexually transmitted diseases/infections
FFS! Really? I can tell you right now, i am a sex worker and i have no diseases or infections. In fact, in my 11years in this industry, i have only heard of a few ladies that have.. and they were medicated pretty much straight away. In Australia we have free clinics where sex workers and the general public can be tested. In some states we are required by law to be tested. 11 years and i have NEVER caught any diseases.
Personally i think you are safer to