Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stereotypes That Piss Me Off

There are many stereotypes in this world.. and we are guilty of using them from time to time.. myself included. They can be funny, they can be true but for some, they can be mean, nasty and FALSE.
Just wanted to share with you some of the stereotypes i hear about all different things that piss me off.

*Sex Workers have sexually transmitted diseases/infections
FFS! Really? I can tell you right now, i am a sex worker and i have no diseases or infections. In fact, in my 11years in this industry, i have only heard of a few ladies that have.. and they were medicated pretty much straight away. In Australia we have free clinics where sex workers and the general public can be tested. In some states we are required by law to be tested. 11 years and i have NEVER caught any diseases.
Personally i think you are safer to fuck a sex worker than you are a random girl from the bar!

*Asian Sex Workers are illegal immigrants and they have sex without a condom
GRRRRR. There may be SOME Asian sex workers here working on holiday visas but most certainly not all! Just because they are asian and they work illegally does not mean they have no respect for themselves and would put themselves in danger of contracting something like HIV. i guess there may be sex workers of ALL races offering sex without a condom, but i find it offensive for people to claim that only asian sex workers are the ones guilty of this.

*If an Australian puts an Australian flag on their car on "Australia Day", they are racist
This one is totally fucked up! Really? If you have pride for the country you live, to put a flag on your car, you are racist?? Ive never heard such a fuck up thing before! This was recently stated in an article in some bullshit newpaper.. thats right, if you are patriotic in this country, you are a fuckin racist.. now ive heard fuckin everything!

*Women are shit drivers
I agree, some women ARE shit drivers.. but so are some MEN! I have dated some fuckin crapo drivers. Im not the greatest driver in the world but i dont suck as bad as some males. Stupid fuckin stereotype, just to make men feel better about themselves i think grrrr.

*Country People are Slow and Dumb
Living in the country, yes, life is slower.. we can chill, relax, no rushing around like in the hectic cities. This does not mean our brains somehow turn to mush and we are stupid. Just because they havent been to the hippest rave club or bought the latest prada handbag does not mean they are dumb, they just have different things in their life that are important to them!

Anyone with an Australia Flag or Southern Cross tattoo is a White Supremist
What a load of shit! I have a southern cross tattoo and i will tell you why i got it.
Before i did a trip over to the USA, i was never a patriotic Aussie. I looked at people who had Australiana tattoos and thought "why the fuck would you get that?" So i go to the States. great place. but the whole time i was there, i kept looking at the differences in the societies and i realised just how lucky we are in Australia.
I came back and my 30th birthday arrived.. i decided that i wanted a tattoo that represented this end of the world, the lucky end, something that represented Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, ALL the countries and islands in this beautiful part of the world. So i decided to get the Southern Cross.
Am i a white supremist? I think fuckin NOT!
My next tattoos im hoping will be - the Fiji flag, the New Zealand flag, the USA flag and maybe the Aussie flag. All the countries i have been to and had wonderful experiences in.
Am i still a white supremist now?



  1. I humbly agree. Good to see you still penning down your thoughts Huntress :)

    Namz recent post Hijau

  2. Re: the whole Australian flag thing... unfortunately its down to a certain aspect of society that are utter fuck-wits spoiling it for the rest of us. I'm from the UK and for a long time now the English flag has been synonymous with skin-heads and racism... I fucking hate that shit! Solution? Education! Teach these fuckwits that being bigoted is utterly counter productive and downright dumb!

    One of my pet-hates is the old "men like sport, tits and are emotional retards."