Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Open Letter To Mr Chris Seage

Dear Mr Seage,

I am not 100% familiar with all the things you want to change in the adult industry, but as a sex worker in NSW, these are some things i'd like you to share with you. I dont speak for all sex workers, just myself xx

I dont cause any trouble within society. I keep to myself. I think i am pretty much a good person.
As a sex worker, i know my duty of care to my clients and i get tested monthly and i provide safe sex acts. I took the time to get as much knowledge about safe sex as possible.
I pay taxes. I have an accountant. I give to charity.
I pay attention and follow the states rules and regulations on sex work, how i advertise and generally run my business.
I am not a slave. I am not abused. I am happy and complete :)

What i would hate to see, is this job become a criminal offence. Or an offence for my clients. Id hate to see two adults choice in what they do behind closed doors be taken away. Id hate to see, this country look at sex workers in the same way America does. Id hate to see us go backwards 100yrs and put women like me underground....

I dont want to try and make you a client. I dont want to sleaze onto you with my charm and take your money from you, seduce you like a devil. I dont want to corrupt you or men like you, to lead you astray, to make you sin...Im quite happy to respect your choice, that seeing a sex worker is not something you do.... I would love for you to allow me my choice to be one.

We all make different choices in life. Mine are different to yours. Does that make my choices wrong?

Choices... i make a choice to use protection for sex acts, but some of my fellow sex workers offer natural things. I have no issues with this! Its their choice! We might not agree with them and their choice Mr Seage, but as long as everyone is consenting, what business is it of ours? Good luck to them! They are enjoying life! Let them have their fun! They could be hit by a bus tomorrow! :)

Not all of us are horrible people Mr Seage.. some of us are just normal, happy go lucky people who dont want to cause a fuss, that just want to be left alone to live life in the way that makes them most fulfilled whether that be by gaining financial freedom or their desired lifestyle...

We just want the right to do what we like with our own bodies... and for our clients to be able to do with their hard earned cash whatever makes them feel good.....make love, not war and all that :)

Please dont take my choices away.


Love Holly xx

An open letter to Mr Seage, just in case he is reading


  1. Vote one Holly for PM.
    We should make sure he gets to read this!

  2. shut up TJR lol .... im no PM hahaha
    Thanks for stopping by xxx

  3. I haven't heard anything from this guy (and I guess if you backlink, it just supports his cause).

    Has he done the traditional line of human thought where he only looks for how he can be right and doesn't look for any way in which he can be wrong?

    Though speaking of that, I think alot of people, especially the working poor, actually are slaves. Even up to the middle class to a degree, given they can't stop working really. If you can't stop working now, are you really not a slave? Anyway, that's not at all sex industry specific, it applies to cleaning jobs, bus drivers and such.

    Sometimes what a slave master treasures the most, is your sense that you are not a slave. I wonder who Mr Seage is a slave to? Or what...?

  4. Holly obviously runs a good business but unfortunately she is not representative of the sex industry in general. Dodgy Asian illegal brothels handing out BBBJ's and sometimes bare back sex have stained the industry. Tax and welfare cheats are rife and organised crime has infiltrated the industry. More power to Mr Seage and his Brothel Busters.

  5. Um how am i not representative of the sex industry? What is? Everyone i know is like me. There are more people like me than you think and i dont believe i am in the minority!