Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brushes With A Celeb Crush

We all have celebrity crushes. They may change from year to year you think they are the bees knees and the next year you cringe when you hear their name...some celeb crushes last as long as the person in questions career does ... and some you just lust after forever...

This is one of those forever kind of deal.

I am a bit of a twitter freak. I follow friends, i follow fellow sex workers, i follow weird random people that have intrigued me and i follow a few celebrities. Some of the celebs i follow are world wide known, some are more local to my area. Some are just plain weird lol.

There has been a few times on twitter i have tried to communicate with a famous twit. The most exciting thing celeb wise that has happened to me was at one stage Spencer Pratt followed me.. so did his missus Heidi for a while, but im guessing once they realised what i do for a living, it was bye bye to me lol.

As sad as that was, it still was very exciting. And look, who on twitter can say that they HAVE NOT tried to engage a celeb in twitter conversation? Huh? Seriously... you know you have ! pmsl!!

A few days ago i found thru a friends retweets, that a certain Samoan HipHop God was on twitter, so you know i absolutely HAD to follow him. And then he posted a link to a very cool video clip of some HipHop art over in the states, featuring himself pulling some mad b-boy old skool poses.. they made me laugh, so i casually sent a twitter message to him, not expecting anything... and he REPLIED!!!!!!!

Yes my eyes sparkled, i grinned from ear to ear ... i think i may have even let out a squeal lol. Omg this is embarrassing lol i was acting like a 15yr old groupie. And the of course you know i got stuck for something smart, witty and remarkable to say to him.. so of course i was like "omg your hot" sad.. i know... lol

So who is he? And why did he make my day?

King Kapisi

His was the first ever Samoan Hiphop artist i had ever heard back in the days and i loved it as soon as i heard it. I loved his look, i loved his vibe, i loved his tunes...

But then, when i left the island crowd i was hangin with, i no longer had access to that style of music anymore... so i kinda sorta forgot about him and his brilliance!

Until twitter :)

Why is it that Sth Pacific men make my legs go weak? My heart start to flutter? And the only thing i can think of is having those huge muscly tattooed arms wrapped around me.... mmmmm

The pic of above of King Kapisi is 100% a panty wetter for me. It has all the elements.. the water, the beach, the 'ie lavalava, the tattoos, the arms, the omg i want him now... oopps.. where was i?

oh yeah.. the pic... fuckin awesome :) wet dreams are made of these LOL

Have you ever had one of your celeb crushes tweet to you? Or email you? Or "like" a pic of you on facebook? Have you ever contacted a celeb crush? have you made a fool of yourself in front of your crush?

I wana hear ALL the stories now, no matter how shameful ... or am i alone in this? lmao

Man.. all this talk and looking at a fine Samoan man is really getting me thinking.. i really need to find me a good island man to play with.. Its been way too long.... now i just gotta find me one that can handle life with a sex worker... in a town like Albury.. i dont think its guna happen.... nope.....

boo@that LOL

for more info on King Kapisi
twitter: @kingkapisi

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