Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10 Year Old Dreams

I saw a documentary about sex workers and in it, a lady said something along the lines of  "At 10yrs old, nobody dreams of being a prostitute"

This is true. I have not met anyone who at 10 wanted to be a sex worker.
I do however know a girl, who at 16 yrs old knew she wanted to do it! She was a smart lady. I met her when she was 34. Thats 18yrs in the industry. She noted every job she did, every extra she charged, she paid tax on the lot from day one, had property all over the place.. she enjoyed the work, and im pretty certain she could have retired comfortably at that age, but

Monday, October 8, 2012

The More I Have, The More I Want

I have noticed over the years, the more sex I have, the more I feel the need to masturbate.
But can I just say, I HATE calling it “masturbating”, I shall hence force call it “wanking” and by “wanking” I mean getting out a vibrator and using it to make myself cum.

So back to what I was saying - the more I have, the more I want!

My research has been extensive, compiled over a decade! I still don’t know the reason for this phenomenon, but I have noticed some strong patterns…