Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just a bitch and Moan

Yep thats right this blog is a bitch and moan session.. cos i need to vent and im sure all my mates are sick of hearing about my dramas this week..

Normally i would say i generally have good luck.. karma and i are usually friends.. good friends in fact. I do alot of good and karma brings it back to me.. but this week.. this week.. omg i want to rip every single hair off my hair one by one, i want to peel each layer of nail off my fingers slowly, i want to open up my veins and slice them into millions of pieces.. no no, i dont want to kill myself i just want to inflict alot of pain cos well im thinking that right now thats the only thing that can take my mind off all the drama.. sex is usually what i do to distract myself.. im having sex alot here in Griffith where i am currently away working at but its just not cutting it GRRRRRRR

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Do Old Ladies Still Get Crushes?

When I was 16yrs old, I was in my final year of being at all girls high school.. I was transferring to a co-ed school.. But before I got there, I had a nickname.. “the radar”.. I could spot a hot boy a mile away! I would see them and light up! Huge grin, big eyes, screaming as I grabbed the nearest girlfriend next to me “OMG HOT BOYS!!” Our eyes would not leave them until they went out of sight..

Perhaps it was because boys were a novelty.. Not having them at school made me miss them and feel very “boy crazy”.. they were always on my mind and that’s not an exaggeration lol.
I had a different crush every week.. Some crushes lasted a minute, some lasted a year, but only from a distance. We did the typical teenage things..

Friday, March 11, 2011

GUEST BLOGGER - Bukkake Princess!!!

The time has come! The first EVER "It Is What It Is" Guest Blogger!!!!

Let me Introduce to you, Miss Bukkake Princess! I found her blog a little while ago.. the whole concept of Bukkake and someone talking so openly about it, totally intrigued me. I loved that a woman could be so liberated that she would open herself up to the world!! I admired her. I was curious about i asked her to come here and share her story with me and everyone who reads this blog. She accepted :)

You can find her blog here ->

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Treat Your Hooker Well!

There is an old saying “Treat people how you wish to be treated”. it’s a good old saying and its one that even reigns true when hiring the services of a hooker!

Believe it or not, Hookers are people too! True story!

So I thought id blog some tips on how you can make your experience with a hooker a happier time for BOTH of you and basically how you can get the very best from your Working Lady or Man.

It starts before you even pick up the phone and make a booking!>