Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just a bitch and Moan

Yep thats right this blog is a bitch and moan session.. cos i need to vent and im sure all my mates are sick of hearing about my dramas this week..

Normally i would say i generally have good luck.. karma and i are usually friends.. good friends in fact. I do alot of good and karma brings it back to me.. but this week.. this week.. omg i want to rip every single hair off my hair one by one, i want to peel each layer of nail off my fingers slowly, i want to open up my veins and slice them into millions of pieces.. no no, i dont want to kill myself i just want to inflict alot of pain cos well im thinking that right now thats the only thing that can take my mind off all the drama.. sex is usually what i do to distract myself.. im having sex alot here in Griffith where i am currently away working at but its just not cutting it GRRRRRRR

Ok so lets start at Sunday where my dramas started!

Sunday: I woke up, checked my emails etc, all was good. I drove the 4hr drive to Griffith, got here at about 5ish. I wasnt starting work til Monday so the plan was to get online and do some things regarding my new forum project. I switch my pc, BLUE FLASHING SCREEN OF DEATH! Noooooooooooooo!

After many tests and fucking around, i got it to start in "safe mode"Yay! But then the internet would NOT connect... No computer. Thought to myself, ok tomorrow is a new day, i will start again.

Monday: Woke up, checked laptop... nope still not working. Turned TV on. NO PAY TV> The box had shit itself.. and here in griffithm if the pay tv isnt working, neither is the free-to-air channels. NO TV, NO INTERNET, for TWO WEEKS!!!! IM GUNA DIE, i thought to myself.

Now when i work in Griffith, i work in a cabin, 4 walls, a bed, kitchenette and bathroom.. wtf am i guna do for 2 weeks with NOTHING to keep me entertained in between bookings????

I spent most of the day on the phone to a mate, him trying to help me fix my laptop. Nothing worked. I gave in and took it to a PC repair place. They said its a driver issue, should be easy to fix.. ok sweet!

Tuesday: I wake up and the anticipation of wondering if my laptop was ok was eating at me.. had an ok day.. then at 4pm, the phone call came "Your laptop is ready" WOOHOOO! I go pick it up and altho it is back to factory settings and it cost me $180, I HAVE INTERWEBS!!! STILL NO TV THO.. but hey, thats ok, at least i have something.. my spirits were once again lifted :)

Wednesday: This morning i got up bright and early and thought i might go to the bank and deposit some cash and pay rent etc. Last week my bank had sent me a new debit card as the one i have expires today, anyways, ive lost it already so while at the bank i decided to ask for a new one to be sent. I still had my business debit card so all was good.. until the stupid bitch cancelled my business card by mistake... what does this mean? It means i now have ZERO cards until i get home on the 10th of April FUCK!!!!!!!!! You would think, working at a bank you can kinda read and you can tell the difference between one sequence of numbers to another, but no, apparently NOT.

Ok whatevs i think to myself.. i get back to my cabin, ready to pay rent and bills etc via internet banking YAY! Im all happy, until... i see that my stoopid internet company has taken $700 out of my account!! WTF???

Now i have had issues with my internet company for a few weeks, when a month ago they tried to charge me $800 for excess internet use.. i have a 5gig limit which i have NEVER gone over.. apparently last month i went over.. by 6gig!!! WTF???? I dont download movies, i dont download many songs (12 in 3 months to be exact) how the fuck have i gone 6gig over????? I disputed it and they said they were looking into it. Then they made me an offer of halving the excess amount. I went off and said no way, investigate it more, there is NO WAY ive used 6gig over.

So apparently they looked into and their records are correct. ITS FUCKED UP. So now, im $700 less in pocket than i had thought i would be and im just lucky i stil had enough left after they raped my account to pay rent.

What else can go wrong? seriously.... I fuckin hate money. I hate bills. I hate the crap that comes with them. I wana go back to the days when i was a kid and the "parents"dealt with this shit. cant some company have a service where they look after this shit? id happily pay someone to do that shit.. but the only option i can see is a personal assistant and lets face it, they cost WAY too much...


Please Mr karma, please come back into my life.. i miss you! Ive always been so good to you, i dont know what i did to you this month to make you hate me so much, but please, i want my simple, stress free life back.... pretty please? With a cherry on top???

Bitch and moan over.... for now.......


  1. I feel so sorry that you had a bad week. Hope that the coming week will be a smooth week for you.


  2. Thanks babe.. you and me both! It cant get any worse! lmao, fingers crossed! mwah x x

  3. Don't give up on that excess-usage fee money yet!

    I'm just gonna take a guess and say your on Optus 3G? If so, don't pay the excess, I know from harrowing personal experience that their usage meters are wildly wrong a lot of the time!hah

    I got at least 6 of those massive excess-usage bills when I was on their 5 gig 3G plan, and I got every one of the excess-fees revoked. I know the score well, if they offered to halve your bill they know they have overcharged you (Sometimes they get even more desperate and try to bargain the excess-fee down to $100, or $50 loll.

    The regular billing call-centers can't help you though, they can't retract bills, only reduce them with their supervisors permission. Tell the billing dept you are positive you didn't go over (Even if you aren't lol), and ask that the matter be promoted to the complaints department. Also tell them you checked your online usage-meter at the end of the month and it definitely showed you being under your monthly limit, so the problem must be on their side. If they seem obstinate, throw the word 'ombudsman' in for good measure :)

    The complaints Dept (Who mostly have Aussie accents, which is a nice change from Billing) will give you a call back about a week later and remove the excess usage fee from your bill after you explain the online usage meter showed you being under. They really do have issues with their meters being wrong all the time. Just stick to ur guns that you're sure you didn't go over, and your online usage-meter showed you being under at the end of the month.. I've been through that dance many-a-time with them, don't let the bastards get away with it! :D

    Good Luck!

    From an optus-loathing au3x noob :)