Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Laid And Paid

I wonder how many people have paid for sex either knowingly or not….
Do you think the percentage is high?
As a hooker I know A LOT of people who have paid for sex lol. And I know a few guys who have paid for it without knowing… hell even I have paid for sex without realising!
Would I do it again? Probably…. Lol

I was manager of a club, a fast paced city venue, I loved my job and I met so many wonderful people that slowly became regulars… I had crushes on some of the younger lads… probably more so because I could tell they liked me and so I played up to them a lot. Its good for ones ego once you hit your late 20’s for 20/21 yr olds to still find you hot lol.

One Friday night, after a few hours of subtle flirting, I noticed this boy.. Lets call him “The Italion Stallion”, being a little more friendly than usual and after a couple of drinks, I started to get a little flirty back. The music was pumping, the crowd was having a great time, I was tipsy, it was a good night. I was doing the rounds, cleaning up tables etc when out of no where The Italion Stallion came up behind me, grabbed me, spun me around and planted a huge kiss on my lips. The unexpectedness of it all got me hot.. And DAMN was he a good kisser! And OMG I never knew he had a tongue ring till that moment! HOT!

21yrs old, 6ft, very broad shoulders, muscley, tattooed… **drool drool** yep he was most certainly eye candy of the sweetest kind lol!

The night ended, he went home and I got to stay and clean up the club, still smiling about this boy that had kissed me…

Two weeks pass and another Friday night and there is The Italian Stallion sitting at my bar again :) I wanted to kiss him the moment i saw him but refrained.. not very professional lol.
Another night of flirting, drinking, laughing.. ah it was a great night.. and then it happened.. he asked me out!

Well ok, it wasnt like a date or anything, i kinda knew it was a booty call but fuck it, i wanted to get him naked!! So we organised it, after i finished work, we would head to another bar and have a few drinks :)

The night at work dragged HURRY UP TIME! lol

Finally its time to head off into the night with The Italian Stallion :) We found a nice bar, and he went off to buy the drinks. Typical 21yr old, he comes back with jagger bombs! Id never had one before, they didnt really interest me, but hey, when in Rome... lmao or something like that hahaha. Yep, i got pretty drunk lol.

Sitting there, cosy on a couch, he starts whispering in my ear all the things he wished he could do to me....

"I wana sit you on that bar and eat your pussy out til you scream"
"Id love to bend you over that stool and ram my hard cock into you"
etc etc, you get the drift lol

This went on for an hour. Him just telling me all the things he wanted to do to me. I was getting hot. I was getting wet. I was fucking horny as hell!!

"Lets go back to my work.. no one is there and i have the keys" I said. Of course he said HELL YESSSSS lol

We get back to my club, frantically stripping each other of our clothes, exploring each others bodies. After an hour of teasing at the bar i just wanted to fuck him so bad, so i got a condom and slipped it on him. No time for sucking cock, i needed to FUCK!

He lays me down and thrusts his cock hard inside me.. oh god it felt great!

Another thrust!

And then he pulled out, looked exhausted, out of breath... he had cum in two thrusts!!!!!!


I was sooooo angry... he had talked his shit up for an hour and then delivered TWO FUCKING STROKES???????

Now ok sure i understand some guys have problems and sure my punani is that fucking fantatsic just looking at it can make a man blow LMAO, but COME ON!!! 21yr old Italian Stallion, an hour of teasing, building expectation..... to that?????

I looked at him and said "Are you kidding me?"
He looked a bit too happy with himself so i totally lost it!
"I think you better get your shit and go"
I was drunk and i was horny and i was pissed off.. not a good combination.. i was a little mean looking back on it.. but meh... it was his own fault lmao.
"Hurry up man, get the fuck out! What was that??? GRRRRR"
He got dressed and then was all pleading like "Im sorry, really i am, it was fun, i like you.. oh and i have no way of getting home and i have no money"
"Are you kidding me? I asked as i went into my bag "Here, heres $50 for a cab, now get the fuck out!!"

I paid for sex. Granted it only cost me $50, but thats not the point lol.

I think i ended up trolling Kings Cross that night and found an other guy to shag, to fulfill the sexual need i had...

One of my girlfriends later pointed out to me "How happy he must have been! He got to fuck a hot chick AND he got $50 for it" hahahahaha!


Love it LOL


  1. Why the hell did you give him money???
    - Teenah

  2. Teenah i wanted to get rid of him.. i paid for him to leave LOL