Friday, April 8, 2011

Necessary Evil

Every day I hear at least one complaint about condoms. Some times its me complaining, sometimes its my client. Im sure this will never stop happening until a better solution is found to protect us all against the nasty Sexually Transmitted Infections that are around…

A necessary evil in the daily life of a sex worker…

And I also believe it it should be the same for anyone having sex in 2011. Its just not as safe as it all once was :( Sex has become a risky activity for all! Its fricken unfair!!!!

So condoms… we need them.. I need them….the world needs them… but I fuckin hate them!!

The smell of rubber and lube mixed with punani and cum and … POOOOO it stinks worse than an untreated case of BV! (Bacterial Vaginosis - a pH imbalance in the punani, not anything boys need to be concerned about catchin lol)
That smell is gross.. You don’t notice it and then bam! Ewwwww

And I hate that little nipple bit on the end. When giving a BlowJob, it can sometimes kinda tickle the back of your throat and I have a bad enough gag reflex as it is, that thingy can be bloody irritating.

I guess a plus of condoms is, when giving BlowJobs, I find it easier to get more saliva happening and a more smooth sucking can be achieved.. I think I suck cock better when it has a condom on it :)

I hate that regardless of how wet I am, I need to use lubricant when using a condom. The fear of a condom breaking is not good, so lube assists with that.. BUT condoms dry me the fuck up! I can be very VERY wet and then WHOMP! Add a rubber covered cock and its like the sahara desert some days.. Not good. My body does not like them. So lube.. Lube is a must..

And I fricken hate lube!! All on my hands.. Ewww I hate the stickyness of it.. I finally found the most awesome lube a while back.. It was perfect, didn’t go sticky, was slippery like oil.. It was a silicone based lube.. BUT after a while, I suddenly realised, as good as it was, my punani didn’t like silicone and in turn it kept giving me thrush (thrush = another vaginal infection which the most fucked up basic things can give you)… no more good lube :( back to the watery sticky one. The safe one.. Boooo :(

Oooo another thing I actually like about condoms.. I cant stand after a boy blows inside you and then for hours or even a day later, you can still smell the boy cum and girl cum, sex smell.. Its GROSS.. Especially fun if after you have just shagged you decide to go to the shops and then at the check out, you feel this “drop” in your undies and you KNOW it’s a load of cum.. And then you can smell it and you wonder if the old lady standing next to you can smell it… ewww.. Yeah I don’t miss that.. Not one bit.. Condoms and their rubbery deposit centre are definitely winners when it comes to that lol.

I hate that guys whinge about condoms. You KNOW when you come see a hooker that sex and most stuff will be protected. Most guys KNOW when they book me that I don’t offer uncovered services..

I hate:
“Cant you just lick up the shaft without one on?”
“I cant keep a hard on when I have a condom on”
“I need a large size” (when clearly they need the size below)
“If I didn’t have a condom on I would have blown 3 times by now”

I understand that it takes away some feeling, I truly do.
I understand that it feels weird when you only have had bare-back sex before
I also understand that some guys use the condom as an excuse to hide an erectile dysfunction…


They are the number one necessary evil!
I think they even are rated above money in that list.

Even tho I hate condoms, they have caused me many griefs and ive had to go thru interesting trials of brands to find the right ones that wont make my punani angry, having guys bitch and moan.... I LOVE SEX and I wouldn’t let something like a condom get in the way of a good time!

Its one small part of fucking.. Even tho it feels like crap watching a condom being put on your cock, having to lube it up and then having sticky fingers, making sure its not too tight, that its all the way down, that ive left enough room for the cum to fill into it, even after all that crap, once dick is in punani, all those annoyances go out the window! WE ARE ROOTING! LIFE IS FUCKIN AWESOME!


  1. I'm so thankful that you explained that BV and thrush were things I don't have to worry about :) I got enough to worry about not catching, I definitely didn't need two new things to worry about.
    And yes, simple but true: no matter how much condoms suck, it's just part of sex in this day and age, unless you are settling down and both partners getting tested and being trusted to be faithful.
    And even more so in your profession dear. No, I don't totally understand the BJ with it on, I haven't studied all the ins and outs of it to where I know what can and can't be caught through oral. But truly, I'm not all that into BJs anyway to start with, and if I gotta wear a condom during that, well, we might as well just skip it. I don't say that in a "you shouldn't protect yourself" kinda way; I say that in a "I totally respect you gotta do what you gotta do and why, but if it's the case, let's just move on" kinda way.
    Love the post, and on such an important topic. Been missing you, and glad to have you back.

  2. Aww thanks Mr Steel... Id suck your cock without a condom any day pmsl! We would have to try both, with and without and u can tell me which is better lol.
    Thrush can be an issue for boys... ie: you can transfer it from girl to another but it doesnt do anything harmful to a boy, but if you're a carrier, you gotta get treated...but honestly, who in their right mind would want to shag a chick with thrush.. ewwwwww! Gross! I ahte cottage cheese on a good day... ewwww. If i have strong antibiotics i get it.. grr the headaches of being a girl!

  3. And just a useless fact.. the condoms in the pic... Here in Oz we have Sexual Health Clinics and they give us lovely hookers FREE condom & Lube packs.. and they are the condoms included!

    Interesting huh?


  4. I guess i'm one of the few guys that never complains about condoms. I love sex so much i couldn't give a toss if i had to wear one every time for the rest of my life.

    Plus they do tend to stave off a slightly premature end if the lady in question is smoking hot!

  5. Greg i totally agree with the premature thing! many guys have commented to me that they last longer with a rubber and for them its a plus! Yay! lol

  6. Great post hun, so babe you don't go down on a guy without protection, well most of the time (lol), to protect yourself. How about the reverse, can things be caught going down on a gal? And do you find most clients like to go down that end of town?

  7. Anon, of course there is things that can be caught going down on a gal..just as there is a risk i may catch something by letttin a guy go down on me, but that is a risk i choose to take as i enjoy oral ALOT! Some guys dont want to risk it and they choose to ask for a dam to perform oral on me and thats ok too. (a dam is a rectangle piece of latex, you place over a punani to prevent stuff .. check out this pic -> )

    And YES alot of clients like munchin on punani :) God i have a great life LOL