Friday, June 3, 2011

Omg! Fingering? Justin Bieber?

Here it is, installment number 3 !
It hasnt seemed to find its way to itunes yet.. i dont know how to do it.. but here is the link to my podbean page :)

Leave any comments or suggestions here or at twitter :)

mwah xxx

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

People Are Fucked

OK so i travel to a few country towns for work.. one place i have been coming for 10yrs now.. its the first place i ever did full service at (full service = sexual intercourse, Blowjob and whatever) and i love it.

Now to most sex workers who have been in the industry a while, this place would be a dive.. a dump.. a shit place to work. But for me, coming here as a 22yr old woman, i didnt have an expectation.. a good friend brought me here and we worked together for a week, just 2 cabins, 2 girls and an awesome bosslady! The atmosphere, the clients and a few other things, made this place feel like home... i saw past the old buildings, the train tracks being at my door, night trains waking me up, and a few other crap bits.. The pay was low, but it was busy, so i kept coming back.