Wednesday, June 1, 2011

People Are Fucked

OK so i travel to a few country towns for work.. one place i have been coming for 10yrs now.. its the first place i ever did full service at (full service = sexual intercourse, Blowjob and whatever) and i love it.

Now to most sex workers who have been in the industry a while, this place would be a dive.. a dump.. a shit place to work. But for me, coming here as a 22yr old woman, i didnt have an expectation.. a good friend brought me here and we worked together for a week, just 2 cabins, 2 girls and an awesome bosslady! The atmosphere, the clients and a few other things, made this place feel like home... i saw past the old buildings, the train tracks being at my door, night trains waking me up, and a few other crap bits.. The pay was low, but it was busy, so i kept coming back.

One of the things that this place has that i havent seen ever before... is a lot of cats!

The bosslady is a fellow saggitarian and a lover of animals, she would collect stray cats.. at one point there she even started "rescuing" them from the pound lol. All were given collars, all were feed like kings. I think in a way, bosslady needed a purpose and the cats became part of her everyday routine. Cats would show up, feral cats, have babies and she would look after them. Slowly all the cats got used to her and became more tame.

Over the years, the numbers have gotten high and low.. at one point i think there was about 40-50 cats lol. It was crazy! But they were all happy and healthy and it gave the place a great vibe!

Until someone in the town decided that they didnt like the cats and they took matter into their own hands. Over the years this has happened a few times. There were cats taken.. the ones that were very people friendly and would go up to anyone to get pats. We hope those ones got good homes and not drowned :( Then there were the times that baits/poisions were found. Either in meat given to the cats or in the bowl full of milk. (yes these cats got milk morning and night, very well looked after) You might wake up, go outside and smell a "dead" smell, the smell of 3 cats that had died overnight or the day before, all under the building. Many burials were done. It was pretty shit. You could come one month and everyone is healthy and happy, the next month, your favourite would be anorexic and sick from poison. It is a horrible thing to see an animal suffer...

This brings us today. Today is my last day in this town being here nearly 10 days. This trip, all the cats bar one was doing really well. A few have cat flu but are still fatty-boombahs so they will fight it and be fine...a few of the kittens who were scared of me last time., have now been more social and decided im ok and they like getting pattin n lovin from me. That has been very cool :)

But today..... one little kitten, Aqua, she is so adorable.. all white and fluffy.. beautiful grey eyes...very friendly.... this morning she was no where to be seen at breakfast time (their breakfast not mine) and then about 2hrs ago, she appeared from under the house. She has been poisoned... her little body havin spasms and seizure like moments...the pain she is feeling you can feel a mile off.. it breaks my fuckin heart to watch a kitten in this state...

How do we know its poison? The bosslady has seen this before. She has hope that Aqua will be ok, she doesnt think Aqua had very much of it, just enough to make her sick and give her stomach cramps. Its so horrible to watch .. omg it really hits me.... i dont like it at all.

So what are we doing right now? Myself and the other lady working here, we are taking turns feeding her water thru a syringe and just tryin to keep her warm and safe and fuck..we have no idea what to do!

Many would be thinking right now - take Aqua to the vet.

I agree... but when you have 20+ cats, it gets expensive. Sure the bosslady has taken cats to the vet before for serious stuff and she has spent id say 10's of thousands of dollars on vet bills....right now its a matter of little Aqua fighting this one herself.. with the love and care of us hookers.

I understand that some people dont like cats. I get that, i really do. And if these cats were in peoples yard, causing drama, sure i understand that too, id be pissed off. But we are in the middle of an industrial area. There are only factories and businesses around us.. and right now in this area there is a mouse plague, so you'd think the fact that this area is mouse free and protected by the cats, that people would think of them as a positive not a negative.

The thing is... there are ways to deal with problems like this. You go to the city council and you make a complaint.. you dont fuckin take matters into your own hands and start poisoning and killing off animals that cant defend themselves and are doing no fucking harm! You report it! You tell someone! When did people start thinking they are god and can just decided who lives and dies!

And ok ok, some will be thinking "they're only cats and there are so many, who cares?" I FUCKIN CARE! Ive seen them as babies, seen them play and grow up and develop little personalities... they might be "animals" but i know for a fact they have feelings too.

Take Oly for example. Oly is a little ginger fluffy cat. As a kitten, he was always meowing, the loudest of his litter, he was a little annoying actually lol, but he never really came up to us for pats.. anyways, one day he came to the cabins with the skin and flesh ripped from one of his legs.

It looked like someone had tried to skin him, it was horrible. Bosslady straight away took him to the vet, spent $1000's and the only option at the end was to amputate his front leg. She agreed, she couldnt let him suffer. Im sure the vet was surprised when she agreed to it, i mean, who the fuck spends big money on a stray cat??

So Oly came back in a bandage and stitched... with 3 legs.. and from that day on, when i sit down outside, he is the FIRST one to jump on my lap.. its like, he is so greatful to us for helping him. He stills meows alot and is annoying but now he cries cos he wants to be where we are.. its adorable.

He knows we love him. He loves us back.

People are fucked

P.S the pic up the top is Aqua mid spasm. Its fucking sickening to look at. Before you go poison an animal, look at that picture and see the pain that poor little thing is going thru, her little body spasming, not being able to move, her head wobblying like her neck is jelly...

Did i mention.... PEOPLE ARE FUCKED


  1. This is really sad , seen this happens to this animals

  2. OMG.. as a cat lover, I understand how you feel..These cat killers should be shot in the head!

  3. Is totally unnecessary, and a painful way for them to die. Is there anything to do about getting some of the cats neutered? Love your blog, have a look over at mine of you get a chance. Sober in 100 Days

  4. Thanks for your comments xx
    Aqua lasted 2 weeks and then died... everyone thought she would be ok, she got all healthy.. but in the end it wasnt enough.

    The lady who looks after the cats used to get them desexed.. but once u desex over 60+ cats, it can be pricey..

    What can you do.... PEOPLE SUCK lol