Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Open Letter To Mr Chris Seage

Dear Mr Seage,

I am not 100% familiar with all the things you want to change in the adult industry, but as a sex worker in NSW, these are some things i'd like you to share with you. I dont speak for all sex workers, just myself xx

I dont cause any trouble within society. I keep to myself. I think i am pretty much a good person.
As a sex worker, i know my duty of care to my clients and i get tested monthly and i provide safe sex acts. I took the time to get as much knowledge about safe sex as possible.
I pay taxes. I have an accountant. I give to charity.
I pay attention and follow the states rules and regulations on sex work, how i advertise and generally run my business.
I am not a slave. I am not abused. I am happy and complete :)

What i would hate to see, is this job become a criminal offence. Or an offence for my clients. Id hate to see two adults choice in what they do behind closed doors be taken away. Id hate to see, this country look at sex workers in the same way America does. Id hate to see us go backwards 100yrs and put women like me underground....

Brushes With A Celeb Crush

We all have celebrity crushes. They may change from year to year you think they are the bees knees and the next year you cringe when you hear their name...some celeb crushes last as long as the person in questions career does ... and some you just lust after forever...

This is one of those forever kind of deal.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If I do a Meme Am I Sad? Yes I Think So LOL

Everyone else is doing it... so i thought... why not give it a go... and man there are some random questions in this one! Id love to see anyone elses answers if they do this meme.. link me to your blog in comments!!!

Dont know what a meme is? Click HERE!!!!!

1. Your ex is on the side of the road, on fire. What do you do?
I pull over as fast as i can! I grab my iphone! I take many many many pics! Then i help put the fire out as a i kill myself laughing, saying something like "That is soooo going on youtube" LOL

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Best Bad Drug Ever

In my world, recreational drug use is not frowned upon. My world being my fairy world, not the sex industry world lol. In my fairy world, we dont see anything wrong with dabbling in a bit of this and that, experimenting and having a laugh. Everything tho in moderation.

When i was a young whipper snapper i consumed a fair amount of bad drugs. I kinda worked out pretty quick that i had an additive personality and could watch (to a certain degree) what i was doing. Being a junkie or an addict was never something i aspired to be. The thought of it made me sick.

I was unfortunate, that every time i tried a drug, i had positive experiences, so then my fear left... i only felt the joy...until the come down!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can You Feel The Poop Tonight?

yep thats right, another podcast! Lol
I dont know whether i should be promoting them on my blog.. but i dont want anyone to miss out on hearing my lovely voice pmsl

Hope you enjoy!
This one covers:

*Polyblendz not happy
*Can you feel the poop?
*Am i a slave to propaganda?
*Touring success!!

To listen, go HERE
Or try this link HERE

Hope you all enjoy this episode! Cant wait to hear your responses! Dont be shy!!!!!!

Intro: Polyblendz OUtro: Sei Oriana from "Fresh Off The Boat Vol 2" Dj ticklez, Peter Gunz

Monday, July 25, 2011

Every Ho I Know Says So

This is a blog entry with a difference.
You may have seen this video before if you are in the industry or if you follow my twitter account!

This video i found via Scarlet Alliance - Scarlet Alliance is the Australian Sex Workers Association. They fight for us and look after us and educate us :)

It was made by Lusty Day from Canada and Beef Jerky from Australia.

This video was made in Australia and Canada, where both countries have legalised Sex Work.

Its a message out there to Sex Workers partners! But... it can also help people outside of the industry get a glimpse of what goes on in the minds of us crazy people lol :P

Watch it xx i hope you enjoy it... and no before you ask, i am not in the video lol.
Please feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions xxx

For more info on sex work in Australia ->

Edit: some info changed due to someone pointing out to me it was incorrect :) Thank you Anon

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Computers Are Bad

There are some days when I dont get off the computer. Whether im doin tax crap, trolling forums, chatting with friends, trolling the forums some more, writing up ideas, playing games on facebook etc and of course now, more than anything, ive been working on my new up and coming adult forum!

But man.. its hard work!
Its never ending!
It just goes on and on and on!
There is always more that needs to be done!

No matter how many hours of work i put in, it isnt complete.
I can say to myself "ok, just one hour and then im off the computer"
One hour passes....
Two hours...
Three hours...
Daylight is fading by this stage lol ... its FUCKED!! lol

Computers are bad!
Computers are evil!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pee, Men, Scattered, Remix!!

Im back with a brand new episode!! WooHooo!!

Todays podcast covers:

*Pissing while shaggin
*Mens roles in the industry
*Kim Duthie!!!!
*Music Music Music!!

Hope you enjoy!!

Mwah xxx

PS in case you are interested, "Polyblendz" is available at the end of July!! For details, check out their facebook page


Friday, June 3, 2011

Omg! Fingering? Justin Bieber?

Here it is, installment number 3 !
It hasnt seemed to find its way to itunes yet.. i dont know how to do it.. but here is the link to my podbean page :)

Leave any comments or suggestions here or at twitter :)

mwah xxx

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

People Are Fucked

OK so i travel to a few country towns for work.. one place i have been coming for 10yrs now.. its the first place i ever did full service at (full service = sexual intercourse, Blowjob and whatever) and i love it.

Now to most sex workers who have been in the industry a while, this place would be a dive.. a dump.. a shit place to work. But for me, coming here as a 22yr old woman, i didnt have an expectation.. a good friend brought me here and we worked together for a week, just 2 cabins, 2 girls and an awesome bosslady! The atmosphere, the clients and a few other things, made this place feel like home... i saw past the old buildings, the train tracks being at my door, night trains waking me up, and a few other crap bits.. The pay was low, but it was busy, so i kept coming back.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Holy Toledos Batman!.. or whatever the fuck he says..

This blogging thing has been awesome... i have met some really cool people from all over the world, ive read some great stories and opinions, ive laughed, ive cringed, its been a great new part of my life... :)

So today, i wanted to do a shout out to a fellow blogger and maybe join some like minds to their site!

Do you read comics? Watch movies? If yes, you may like to meet.....

Thursday, May 26, 2011

MSN, Hair Growth, Shafting Licking & Wanking

The second riveting podcast by moi :)

Just a bit af a ramble, my apologies for it being so long.. i dont know when to shut up sometimes lol

or if that doesnt work for you, try here ->

Enjoy :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Trying a New Toy - Podcasts!

Ok so im trying a new thingy whatsit.. podcasting!

So here is the installation.. im thinking of doing weekly ones... but i may change my mind lmao

so check it out if you dare.. dont worry, its only 5 mins of your life that you wont get back :p

Oh and im so sorry Jane...

Everybody go check out Jane's site !!! hot as hell alternative kind of gal :) One of the best escorts in Sydney :)


BUT... id really like technical comments.. ie: can u hear me? am i talking too fast? etc etc lol

Friday, May 20, 2011

This Is What You Are Fucking With In The Long Run

You know what grinds my gears? People who bullshit.. tell me what i want to hear to butter me up and then take it back when it suits them.

It can be so cruel, so deceitful.. so heart breaking :(

One of the things thats closest to my heart right now, is my Fiji Mission. I think about it on a daily basis.. and by thinking about, i mean i sit and conjure up ways i could rob a bank, steal someones identity and take out a million dollar loan, find a tree that grows money.. you get the drift....and anyone who knows me or read the blog i did about my Mission, knows that its something that is pretty important to me!

And other people that know me VERY well, know, dont fuck with something that i love, cos it will end up messy.

People are fucking with my head!

Monday, May 16, 2011

iBut I iDont iWant an iPhone!

Yep thats right.. id said those words many times..

"I dont want an iphone"
"I dont want to have anything "i" in my house"
"iphones, ipads, ipods, blah, im not interested"

Until that is... until the day i bought an iphone

Yes GASP IN HORROR! I bought an iphone!

I love it.. i want to kiss it.. i like to run my fingers all over it.. i want to touch it... sleep with it.. i want it to be with me at all times!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Say you meet a guy/girl while drunk at a bar and you shag in the toilets with no condom on.. or if you share a needle with someone else while taking drugs.. or if you were walking down the street and a syringe was on the ground, you walk on it and get pricked... or you are a nurse and at a hospital you are exposed to blood some how... or say if you were raped god forbid.. if you feel for any reason you may have been in contact with HIV there is something you can do to prevent HIV infection from happening... PEP

Due to my current on going mission to get my ass over to Fiji to set up and camp and (hopefully) make a difference to a few peoples lives, the subject of HIV and sexual health is more than ever something that is on my mind and a subject i find myself wanting to know more about. In a kind weird way, id love to go on rampages of "safe sex" speeches and advertisements and spreading the word!!!.. but that gains nothing but people getting the shits and not wanting to talk to you.. so ive decided not to do that...


Friday, April 8, 2011

Poo! Whats that Fishy Smell?

This is a little post i wrote for an adult industry forum. Thought my readers might want to have a read.. could be helpful :)

Just in case you dont know...
WL = Working Lady

Poo! Whats That Fishy Smell??

You're going down on a girl, all is good, she mounts you, you fuck like a champ and then.. what the fuck is that smell? Ewww you smell fish. NOT HOT... but, not dangerous to you thank god!

Necessary Evil

Every day I hear at least one complaint about condoms. Some times its me complaining, sometimes its my client. Im sure this will never stop happening until a better solution is found to protect us all against the nasty Sexually Transmitted Infections that are around…

A necessary evil in the daily life of a sex worker…

And I also believe it it should be the same for anyone having sex in 2011. Its just not as safe as it all once was :( Sex has become a risky activity for all! Its fricken unfair!!!!

So condoms… we need them.. I need them….the world needs them… but I fuckin hate them!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Laid And Paid

I wonder how many people have paid for sex either knowingly or not….
Do you think the percentage is high?
As a hooker I know A LOT of people who have paid for sex lol. And I know a few guys who have paid for it without knowing… hell even I have paid for sex without realising!
Would I do it again? Probably…. Lol

I was manager of a club, a fast paced city venue, I loved my job and I met so many wonderful people that slowly became regulars… I had crushes on some of the younger lads… probably more so because I could tell they liked me and so I played up to them a lot. Its good for ones ego once you hit your late 20’s for 20/21 yr olds to still find you hot lol.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just a bitch and Moan

Yep thats right this blog is a bitch and moan session.. cos i need to vent and im sure all my mates are sick of hearing about my dramas this week..

Normally i would say i generally have good luck.. karma and i are usually friends.. good friends in fact. I do alot of good and karma brings it back to me.. but this week.. this week.. omg i want to rip every single hair off my hair one by one, i want to peel each layer of nail off my fingers slowly, i want to open up my veins and slice them into millions of pieces.. no no, i dont want to kill myself i just want to inflict alot of pain cos well im thinking that right now thats the only thing that can take my mind off all the drama.. sex is usually what i do to distract myself.. im having sex alot here in Griffith where i am currently away working at but its just not cutting it GRRRRRRR

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Do Old Ladies Still Get Crushes?

When I was 16yrs old, I was in my final year of being at all girls high school.. I was transferring to a co-ed school.. But before I got there, I had a nickname.. “the radar”.. I could spot a hot boy a mile away! I would see them and light up! Huge grin, big eyes, screaming as I grabbed the nearest girlfriend next to me “OMG HOT BOYS!!” Our eyes would not leave them until they went out of sight..

Perhaps it was because boys were a novelty.. Not having them at school made me miss them and feel very “boy crazy”.. they were always on my mind and that’s not an exaggeration lol.
I had a different crush every week.. Some crushes lasted a minute, some lasted a year, but only from a distance. We did the typical teenage things..

Friday, March 11, 2011

GUEST BLOGGER - Bukkake Princess!!!

The time has come! The first EVER "It Is What It Is" Guest Blogger!!!!

Let me Introduce to you, Miss Bukkake Princess! I found her blog a little while ago.. the whole concept of Bukkake and someone talking so openly about it, totally intrigued me. I loved that a woman could be so liberated that she would open herself up to the world!! I admired her. I was curious about i asked her to come here and share her story with me and everyone who reads this blog. She accepted :)

You can find her blog here ->

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Treat Your Hooker Well!

There is an old saying “Treat people how you wish to be treated”. it’s a good old saying and its one that even reigns true when hiring the services of a hooker!

Believe it or not, Hookers are people too! True story!

So I thought id blog some tips on how you can make your experience with a hooker a happier time for BOTH of you and basically how you can get the very best from your Working Lady or Man.

It starts before you even pick up the phone and make a booking!>

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Would You Do?

Last night i watched a movie from start to finish.. Id seen it before but only from halfway. Watching it in its entirety got my brain ticking. It made me ask myself many questions. I felt compelled to share them with my flat mate but restrained myself as i really dont think he is the right person to be discussing them with lol.

The movie was "Blindness" Made in 2008, starring Julianne Moore, Danny Glover & Mark Ruffalo.

If you havent seen it and dont want to know what happens, dont click "read more"

The movie is an adaptation of Nobel Prize-winning author Jose Saramago's compelling story of humanity in the grip of an epidemic of mysterious blindness.
It is a really good movie, i highly reccommend it.

This is not a movie review but a look at the issues and situations which occur.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

What's Your Flavour?

Mmmmm coconut.. that is my flavour! Not very PC (politically correct) but hey, most Aussies arent very PC on a daily basis. Its not how we roll lol.

Coconut, to those that dont know, refers to people from the South Pacific. Samoa, Tongan. Fiji, Cook islands, Vanautu etc.(oh and hawaii) Where did the term "coconut" come from? Im not sure BUT i heard it thru my islander friends.. thats what they called themselves....

...and my sexually flavour is COCONUT!

Whats yours???

Some peoples flavour is Oriental, some people like Mexican, some only like white chocolate, whereas some like the dark chocolate :)

Everyone has a flavour.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear Sex Worker, Be My Valentine x x

Ah... Valentines Day.... that one day of the year when your loved one buys you choccies, flowers, jewellery and writes poems declaring their love for you.....


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Summer Colds

After having been in plaster for over a month in the hot Australian summer, i was sooooo happy to finally be free to go back to work, go swimming, make a start in my new venture... so many things, a new year, 2011.. and then came.... the SUMMER COLD

Well it wasnt a cold as such, it was a viral/flu crap thing and well it had me out of action for a full week! Green snot, green flem, coughin like a 65yr old, 2 pack a day smoker LOL. My ears were blocked, my glands were swollen.. yep... it sucked.

Summer is my favourite time of year. When we are in autumn and then winter, it feels like forever since we could run around in fuck all clothes..and i like running around in fuck all clothes hehehe :) Winter is horrible! Too many layers! I like to let my skin breathe hahaha! So finally summer came.. and im yet to enjoy it!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Suck In Bed

I would recommend her to anyone, she may call herself ‘Vanilla’, and I’ve been the rainbow and back, but I would take this ‘vanilla’ lady any day or night.

The surface may have been calm but underneath, well, I thought I could lose some fingers, so strong was her reaction. She has delightful internal muscle control.

What a delight and a wonderful break in my day, she is a beautiful lady in every sense of the word, love the smile she has permanently on her face and that little giggle she makes when she’s had an orgasm, she has the cutest ass, which I took full advantage of and those natural breasts that fit perfectly into the palm of my hands. I went at her with everything I had and she seemed be love it!

It is worth booking her and just lying back and watching her work on you from above and feel that great sensation as she slides up and down your cock whilst watching her athletic body bounce up and down.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Like Boobs ..... But...

So for two days I am working from a parlour/brothel. it’s a nice change and it also helps out a mate of mine who has just reopened a place in a small country town.

I like going back to parlour work.. Sure it is less money per booking I do, but hey, life isn’t always about money. The atmosphere is great, being around other Sex Workers is cool, having a bit of comradery.. Not something you get when you work privately. No hassles with having to answer phones, no headaches with heaps of things.. Just show up, say hi to the clients and wait til one books you! Easy!

But there is one thing that irks me….. The ladies walking around with their bits out!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

No Wanking!

Its Saturday night here in Aussie land. Its 12:44am to be exact...

And im bloody bored!

Ive checked emails, ive editted crap on my website, i trolled all the adult forums, ive flicked thru the tv channels and nothing is on! How does that work? So many channels to choose from and not one can entertain me...

Having an arm in plaster really sux. Im soooo over it! i was enjoying the time off work, but now im starting to get restless. I need something productive to do lol. Im so limited i what i can and cant do right now.. Thank god i can still drive a stick or i'd be isolated on the farm. (my car is a manual)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This one time, at the strip club.....

Whenever you hear someone start a story with the line "Well.. i was at this strip club..." you know its guna be good LOL. This is the exception hahaha!

So it was a Saturday night.. i had travelled down to Melbourne for an adult industry drinks night. A night of hookers, punters, alcohol and lots of christmas cheer! These events are pretty low key, normally as an outsider, you would never think for a million years you are looking at a group of sex workers, strippers and clients. No, there isnt any sex or blowjobs, its all very upmarket, in fact it was held at a very nice Hotel ( i think its like 5stars or something) which was very classy and OMG they made the best Long Island Iced Teas!