Monday, May 23, 2011

Trying a New Toy - Podcasts!

Ok so im trying a new thingy whatsit.. podcasting!

So here is the installation.. im thinking of doing weekly ones... but i may change my mind lmao

so check it out if you dare.. dont worry, its only 5 mins of your life that you wont get back :p

Oh and im so sorry Jane...

Everybody go check out Jane's site !!! hot as hell alternative kind of gal :) One of the best escorts in Sydney :)


BUT... id really like technical comments.. ie: can u hear me? am i talking too fast? etc etc lol


  1. is it just my internet connection or are those links not working?? lmao

  2. It doesn't seem to play on Chrome, but works with Firefox. Nice first podcast! :)

  3. yeah im noticing that too.. hmm.. maybe wordpress isnt the place to be hosting it.. grrrr

  4. Works well in Firefox and Safari on mac. Android 2.2 on Samsung Galaxy works as downloaded mp3 file.

    Sound quality ok on all devices.

  5. doesn't seem to work with firefox4 nor does the link on axr

  6. god dam it lol.... hmmmmmm this sux then doesnt it... i have no idea what the problem is :(

  7. maybe that will work?