Thursday, May 26, 2011

MSN, Hair Growth, Shafting Licking & Wanking

The second riveting podcast by moi :)

Just a bit af a ramble, my apologies for it being so long.. i dont know when to shut up sometimes lol

or if that doesnt work for you, try here ->

Enjoy :)


  1. Hey Huntress, I first saw your site via linkreferrals some time ago, and found it very interesting.

    Recently I stumbled across it once again, and I was wondering if you would like for my site and your site to partake in a link exchange.

    My site is

    If you are interested, please feel free to contact me via my site.

    Oh, sorry for contacting you in this manner, I couldn't find an email address on your site.

    Have a nice day princess,

  2. I wanted to reply to your comment on my FGF post but I, too, couldn't find your e-mail addy...

    Thanks for commenting! I love the FGF concept. Life is often negative and it's nice to focus on the positive. : )

  3. Hey xx thank you both for stopping by and letting me know i am hard to contact lol

    mwah xxxx

    So.Cal.Gal, love love love FGF.. Im thinking about doing something similar, hope you dont mind.. i think we need more positivity :) mwah xx you rock xx

  4. I know this is entirely inappropriate .. but, to steal a Hollyism ... ROFLMAO. Just love that laugh, Ms H. And the accent ..Ozzie??? Meh, good try. 'Spose I should be Very Serious, maybe one day!

  5. Thanks for stoppin by Comet :) As long as your laughin with me and not at me, im a happy gal :p

  6. I'm all for happy gals! Not to mention guys. Laughter, tears (whatever sort), sad, happy - all makes life worthwhile, eventually.