Monday, May 16, 2011

iBut I iDont iWant an iPhone!

Yep thats right.. id said those words many times..

"I dont want an iphone"
"I dont want to have anything "i" in my house"
"iphones, ipads, ipods, blah, im not interested"

Until that is... until the day i bought an iphone

Yes GASP IN HORROR! I bought an iphone!

I love it.. i want to kiss it.. i like to run my fingers all over it.. i want to touch it... sleep with it.. i want it to be with me at all times!

How did this happen you might be asking? I put it down to peer pressure. Yep. Its everyone else's fault but mine.
Same old story "all my friends have one" and then my brother keep telling me "you really need to get one, they are awesome, omg check out this app...."

I fell in love with applications... i fell in love with the fact the i can download them on my laptop and then transfer them to my iphone without using all my internet credit on the phone account but using my home one.. omg what a genius idea.. iphone, you is very very smart! i love u xxxx

Apps.. wow... 4 small letters that bring a tear of joy to my eye :)
And ive got all the best ones already. Hell yeah ive got the "pimple popper" game.. that was one of the first i downloaded. yeah its pretty sweet.. altho not as satisfying as i thought it would be.. nothing beats the real thing i suppose..

And of course i had to get the "Bic Lighter" app.. now i have a lighter with me for any occasion.. i chose the Playboy option.... now if only i could get it to light my smokes,. it would be bloody perfect.. but alas, apps hasnt developed those kinds of skills yet.. so wtf am i guna do with my playboy lighter? Fucked if i know, but omg its very cool and i love it!

You KNOW i HAD to get a police scanner! What moron doesnt have one of those on their iphone??? Are they even legal?? lmao! yep i can see it now in the papers "Lady arrested for listening to police scanner via her iphone".. it could happen... maybe? lmao

And omg how could i forget "Talkin Tom" the cat who farts, and makes mad karate moves when you touch his genital area.. hours of entertainment for the whole family!!
"Aw look mum, you knocked the kitty out with upper cuts, better give him some milk.. aww see look, now he is purring"... Yeah that app is a favourite.....

My absolute favourite so far has to be "Vampires Live" .. holy crap that game has sucked me in.. its like... consuming.... have you played it? Fuck me dead, its like i have to keep checking it every 5 mins.. sometimes every 3 lmao.. i dont know why, thre isnt much skill involved, it doesnt have flashy graphics, its kinda lame but...I CANT STAY AWAY! (if you play, join my clan EMTJ24 lol)

Im kinda disappointed in myself.. i said id never ever do an iphone... but... but.... i love him and he is wonderful... and ... and.... ah fuck it, i dont care im proud...



  1. The next thing you know, you won"t want an iPad!

  2. well see i dont see the point in an ipad. i have a laptop and an iphone.. what in gods name do i need a 3rd gadget that does pretty much the same thing? lol.. but never say never i suppose :p

  3. mmmmm - iEnvy


    admin (AXR)

  4. Oh my god I feel exactly the same way but you have to admit that they really are the best thing on the market at the moment but iDamn I iDon't iWant iOne iEither!! (but my phone is up for renewal and you know whats going to happen)

  5. i think its the best option... i dont wanna say it... but buy one!! You wont regret it! Oh no wait.. let me correct that, you might regret it as u will find yourself glued to it, BUT thats not such a bad thing... is it? lol