Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Away On A Holiday

I will be gone for a few weeks :)
Dont forget about me!
I will miss you so much, you have no idea
There will only be limited communications from the outside world
How will i cope?
I will be thinking of you

mwah x x

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Anal Sex.. Go in or Keep Out?

If I asked you “Do you think all hookers have anal sex with their clients?” what would you say? If I had been asked that question 10yrs ago, I would have answered “Of course they do!”, but let me tell you, this is not the case. I do not provide anal services and I am a sex worker!

Why, you might ask? I havent yet conquered anal sex in my personal life. I have had anal sex once in my life! It was about 8yrs ago. Anal sex scares me LOL.

The Spring Clean

A few years ago, I had a massive spring clean of my life. Not only did I spring clean my house, threw out things I hadn’t used in over 12months, clothes that no longer fit, cleaned every nook and cranny of the house from floors to ceilings…I also spring cleaned my friends.

After my relationship with SM ended, I took a real long hard look at my life. I looked at the people around me and what they brought to my life. I sat there going thru my mobile phone contact list. Some friends I had known for over 10yrs, some I had known for 5.. Some I didn’t really even know, they were a “contact” from days when I liked to party. Over 400 names in the contact list. What did they bring to my life now? This new life I was creating for myself. Was their life going in a positive direction or where they stuck in the past, stuck in a rut? Was their part in my life bringing a negative impact?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is being a sex worker as bad as being a drug dealer?

In some cultures in the 16th-17th century, prostitutes were the sole women allowed to sing in public or act in theatrical performances.

I had a conversation with a young man on MSN today. He had added me as a friend and as my MSN is under my work name, you would assume people would know I am a sex worker. Why else would they add me to their friends list? Do they think an escorts website is like a dating agency, take down my email address and try and score a girlfriend or a free shag??? No lol, I would have assumed, everyone knows who I am and what I do. This gent did not.