Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Open Letter To Mr Chris Seage

Dear Mr Seage,

I am not 100% familiar with all the things you want to change in the adult industry, but as a sex worker in NSW, these are some things i'd like you to share with you. I dont speak for all sex workers, just myself xx

I dont cause any trouble within society. I keep to myself. I think i am pretty much a good person.
As a sex worker, i know my duty of care to my clients and i get tested monthly and i provide safe sex acts. I took the time to get as much knowledge about safe sex as possible.
I pay taxes. I have an accountant. I give to charity.
I pay attention and follow the states rules and regulations on sex work, how i advertise and generally run my business.
I am not a slave. I am not abused. I am happy and complete :)

What i would hate to see, is this job become a criminal offence. Or an offence for my clients. Id hate to see two adults choice in what they do behind closed doors be taken away. Id hate to see, this country look at sex workers in the same way America does. Id hate to see us go backwards 100yrs and put women like me underground....

Brushes With A Celeb Crush

We all have celebrity crushes. They may change from year to year you think they are the bees knees and the next year you cringe when you hear their name...some celeb crushes last as long as the person in questions career does ... and some you just lust after forever...

This is one of those forever kind of deal.