Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear Sex Worker, Be My Valentine x x

Ah... Valentines Day.... that one day of the year when your loved one buys you choccies, flowers, jewellery and writes poems declaring their love for you.....


I dont think you have to wait til Valentines Day to declare ones love for their partner. It should be done ALL the time! When im in a full-time relationship i do go all out at Valentines Day and i do subconsciously expect the same...but i am easily pleased, a nice card and a flower picked from the neighbours garden is most definitely a grand enough gesture for me and enough to get them in my good books :)

In my job, i see a few men around Valentines Day. Those that dont have a significant other they can share this day with, and for some people, Valentines Day is special regardless of their relationship circumstances. I have received a few boxes of chocolates, a few bunches of flowers and inexpensive jewellery from clients during the Valentines period and i accept them as i do any other tip or gift. The thought of any gift is what matters to me and getting a gift from a client is always nice, its shows me that i am doing something right and that i make them feel special.

But what is Valentines Day.. and is it appropriate for a client to bring a Valentines gift to a Sex Worker?

I think Valentines Day means different things to different people.

I personally dont give just anyone a Valentines. I only give a Valentines if i truly love a person. When they are the love of my life! When they have my heart! And mostly, when i know that the feeling is mutual. I would never send a Valentines to somebody who had no feelings for me. Valentines is for lovers, partners... well thats what it means to me.

It has sometimes been uncomfortable with some clients in the past. They have gone ALL OUT, flowers, choccies, jewellery, balloons, cards, songs.. and then when i have had nothing to give them back, they have been either very disappointed or offended.

But i dont love them like my soul mate.

If i gave everyone that was nice to me a Valentines, number one, id be broke and number two, Valentines would no longer hold any meaning to me.

I am never ungrateful for anything anyone ever does for me. I appreciate small tokens and gestures.. i try to be humble....

But to me, Valentines Day should be left to the lovers, the people out there who's hearts and lives are fulfilled and enriched by their other half..... not your favourite hooker.

Valentines Day is already such a materialistic day. I think for many, the true tradition and meaning of the day is lost.. its a huge day for retailers.. it seems thats what its all about now... spending big $$$

So i say, to all those people out there, about to purchase a Valentines for someone, think about it carefully, what does Valentines mean to you? What does it mean to the person you are buying for? Do you expect something in return? Will you be disappointed if you dont get anything from your Valentine?

Happy Valentines People, hope its a great day for those in relationships and i hope those singletons out there have a fun day/night doing something that they love :)


  1. Your insight towards Valentines Day is very interresting, you are a person who thinks and feels deeply about one of lifes more complex issues, that is, how we relate to others. Thank you for the oppertunity to learn about your thoughts, ideas and life.
    Kind regards,
    Robert J.

  2. "But to me, Valentines Day should be left to the lovers, the people out there who's hearts and lives are fulfilled and enriched by their other half..... not your favourite hooker."

    Not only is this so true, but I damn near fell out of bed laughing at how you said it.

  3. Hey Robert, thanks for reading :)

    Mr Steel, glad i could make you laugh! What can i say, i tell it like it is and sometimes reality and truth is hilarious lol

  4. You pen your thoughts down really well :)

    I just stumbled upon your blog through Linkreferral. Do allow me humbly share what I wrote here :)

  5. Thank you for stopping by :) Hope to see you around here again lol. Ive added you to my blog reading list :)

  6. You can count on that Huntress :) And thanks for adding me to your list. I appreciate it.

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  7. Valentines day also happens to be my Birthday. I have yet to trully experience a Valentines day with someone who love me like i love him, so i can't comment much about it. But lady, you are right that it's too commercialised these days I hardly could give a thought.

  8. Valentines is your birthday? Ooooo happy belated birthday babe!! You are lucky in a way.. even if you are single, there is no room for sadness at Valentines, cos regardless ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY! YAY! Happy day no matter what :)