Thursday, February 3, 2011

Summer Colds

After having been in plaster for over a month in the hot Australian summer, i was sooooo happy to finally be free to go back to work, go swimming, make a start in my new venture... so many things, a new year, 2011.. and then came.... the SUMMER COLD

Well it wasnt a cold as such, it was a viral/flu crap thing and well it had me out of action for a full week! Green snot, green flem, coughin like a 65yr old, 2 pack a day smoker LOL. My ears were blocked, my glands were swollen.. yep... it sucked.

Summer is my favourite time of year. When we are in autumn and then winter, it feels like forever since we could run around in fuck all clothes..and i like running around in fuck all clothes hehehe :) Winter is horrible! Too many layers! I like to let my skin breathe hahaha! So finally summer came.. and im yet to enjoy it!

The weather here in Australia has been hectic! We go through different stages of drought and floods.. fires and cyclones.... Where i live, we have had lots of rain but nothing too crazy.. but not too far away, towns flooded! Up north in Queensland right now, there is a cyclone Yasi happening. Like right now. They have dealt with massive flooding and now a cyclone with 300kmph speeds... fuckin hell... i hope they are ok..

Floods and cyclones kinda put my stupid summer snot festival on the back burner. Im just so lucky that all i had this summer was a cold... and plaster... these poor people are going thru life changing tragedies, life and death....

Yep give me the green boogers, the one-flavour-fits-all taste bud issue, the coughin til i choke.. give me that anyday....Summer colds? meh... im over it :)

For latest updates on Cyclone Yasi Click HERE!!!!!!


  1. Great post. All that crap Queensland is getting sure puts life into perspective hey? I'm in NSW and where I am, so far we have got off very lightly. Bit of rain, but mostly hot for the last week. Few minor fires, but nothing that's really newsworthy, only on a local scale. Best of luck to all Queenslanders....

  2. Fantastic way to look at it :P I hope everyone over there is ok. And I hope you are enjoying your summer now, no plaster, no cold.

  3. Craig - im so glad things have settled a bit for the QLDers, they need a break!

    J Steel - Im feeling good :) even kinda gettin my mojo back :) (id lost it for a while.. but i think im good lol)