Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Suck In Bed

I would recommend her to anyone, she may call herself ‘Vanilla’, and I’ve been the rainbow and back, but I would take this ‘vanilla’ lady any day or night.

The surface may have been calm but underneath, well, I thought I could lose some fingers, so strong was her reaction. She has delightful internal muscle control.

What a delight and a wonderful break in my day, she is a beautiful lady in every sense of the word, love the smile she has permanently on her face and that little giggle she makes when she’s had an orgasm, she has the cutest ass, which I took full advantage of and those natural breasts that fit perfectly into the palm of my hands. I went at her with everything I had and she seemed be love it!

It is worth booking her and just lying back and watching her work on you from above and feel that great sensation as she slides up and down your cock whilst watching her athletic body bounce up and down.

Yep, thats right.. i totally rock in bed
The above are some comments left by some lovely clients I have seen in the last year and again, i totally rock in bed LOL.

I rock in bed....when I am working... but,

I suck in bed when im off duty and having "normal" unpaid sex.

I SUCK IN BED? WTF? How is this possible? How can someone who is paid for sex for a living, someone who can make a man cum with her mouth, her hand or her can someone like that be bad in bed on her day off???

Two words - Me Sex

Yep, "Me Sex" has fucked me up. Working in the industry has made me a terrible lover outside of a booking.

It wasnt always like this.

When I first started as Working Lady, i soon realised that even tho i was having lots of sex at work, it wasnt always mind blowing awesome sex, and after a long week of bad to "just ok" to sometimes excellent shags, i would long for sex where instead of worrying that their needs 100%, finally mine would be! So i was always looking for new fuck buddies. Someone i could have non-paid naked time, not have to worry, relax, unwind, let loose, not looking at the clock, not having to worry if they were getting their moneys worth, not following a routine of any kind.... just enjoying the moment!

But the fuckbuddies werent working out. I couldnt verbalise what it was i wanted .. cos i didnt really know and i found myself doing the work motions outside of work.

I always put the condom on for them..then giving them a BJ... then lubing them up and jumping on top of them cowgirl style... just like at work... i had dominance of the situation, they were waiting for my direction, just like at work, i had to take the lead. And if i saw them more than once, i was expected to take the lead every time! I think after the first time i set a precedent that they were forever expecting.....this isnt what i was looking for. I wanted THEM to be the dominant one, them to take the lead, them to start, them to have their hands on me getting me in the mood....... not me doing everything for them!

There was no real thrill or enjoyment with them.. it had lost its fun..... but i didnt stop looking....

Then i came across a client who blew me away sexually. In the booking, he was all about me me me.. meaning ME! He was a very VERY giving lover and took me to the stars and back. I had finally found the one! So we started an arrangement, he no longer had to pay to see me and i got some fantastic me sex.

He would come late at night, be the last booking so we could get messed up and have a good time. In the parlour i was working it was quite busy so i might have seen 5-10 clients over a 15hr shift, a few drinks and i would be exhausted. But he would do things to me... omg.. my eyes would close with every touch.. he had total control... one touch and i was putty in his hands...

For the first time in forever i had found the kind of sex i love most. Its not nice to admit it, but i am a selfish lover. (wait, except when im drunk and then im kinda more aggressive and into doing different things lol)

But now a few years later, ive been told that i suck in bed and I dont make enough effort. Fair call. I dont disagree.... but it was like this from the beginning...i havent changed..maybe thats the problem?

Now i have to figure out how to bring a little bit of work sex stuff into outside work sex and do it without it feeling like a chore... how do i do that? i have no freakin idea. Ive been accustomed to a certain standard and expectation of sex for over 2yrs. Its a hard habit to break. And well, i dont have all that much sex out of work these days, so when i finally do, i just wana lay back enjoy it....

Damn you selfish me! How could you have let this happen? When did you become a lazy root? You enjoy pleasing men, why has it become like a chore?

So ok im off to think of ways i can improve my own sex life. I can make other peoples fabulous, not a problem, but in my own i am kind of hooker am i?
Im a bloody good hooker, but a terrible fuckbuddy/girlfriend/wife LMAO :)


  1. Oh wow. I really gotta get to Australia. Oh the fun that's in store :)

  2. Are you a pleaser Mr Steel? LOL
    Hmmmmmm im glad you read this and thought "fun" not "dud root" lmao x x

  3. Ok I did say this and alot of ppl would not agree with it, I understand where they are coming from and yes Holly the worker is exceptional, I would recommend Holly to anyone interested. But I don't see Holly the worker though, it's Holly outside of work that I see and care for dearly. With Holly giving so much in a working environment and me giving so much in our arrangement. It has caused me to feel like Holly mentioned about always giving and getting nothing back. I asked holly a while back if she felt we should spice things up and freshen our relationship, the answer was no and things were fine. As Holly still gives at work
    still, it makes hard to see that i am now the way that Holly was before me, always giving. Now ppl may say I'm whiny but they dont know how we are. I am and always will be a giver and that's great but giving always is draining and
    sometimes the one getting all the attention needs to give it back once in a while.

  4. Rogue, If a man says he is a giver but then says always giving is draining...
    that doesnt sound like a giver to me
    you dont feel drained if you are a real giver

    also the beginning of your comment
    clear case of jealousy there
    since you are saying you dont get holly sex
    you say you see and cares for the holly outside of work
    if that were true (the caring bit) then you wouldnt be complaining about giving

    You seem to want what holly the worker provides,
    so the choice is simple, you can pay and see holly or stick with the girl outside of work.

  5. It depends on what you mean by taking and giving - if your moaning and writhing while receiving that can be quite giving. Some women don't even want to have an orgasm during alot of their sex, so they don't give their natural orgasm reactions.

    On the other hand though, if this is just making up for all the taking all the paid clients give, then it makes this giver a second stage sex worker who doesn't get paid for it. They give to make up for all the clients take.

    Perhaps try and visualise it as not 100% giving to clients and saving 5% give, putting it aside for outside of work sex? Because if you just want someone to make up for all the client take, then yeah, that persons essentially having work sex with you. It's not outside work sex at all (well, for you it's outside work sex, for them it wont be).

  6. Wow Holly, just read your blog and you sure have helped me understand myself better! I knew about giving with the joys it brings and consider myself a giver (such a word?) but your comments have just given me a whole lot more food for thought!
    Thank you.

  7. I hope its good food for thought lol x x