Sunday, January 9, 2011

No Wanking!

Its Saturday night here in Aussie land. Its 12:44am to be exact...

And im bloody bored!

Ive checked emails, ive editted crap on my website, i trolled all the adult forums, ive flicked thru the tv channels and nothing is on! How does that work? So many channels to choose from and not one can entertain me...

Having an arm in plaster really sux. Im soooo over it! i was enjoying the time off work, but now im starting to get restless. I need something productive to do lol. Im so limited i what i can and cant do right now.. Thank god i can still drive a stick or i'd be isolated on the farm. (my car is a manual)

Its been weird.. ive gone from having LOTS of sex, to having none at all. I havent even masturbated in weeks and that is soooo not like me! normally i have a play just before i go to sleep.. even if ive had sex that day! But at the moment, my sex life is non-existent...

This happens sometimes.. I have a really long burst of sexual activity and then a dry spell... but the thing is, when its dry its VERY dry.. but when its wet, it fucking pours!

Once i stop having sex for a while i start to forget about it. The first 2 weeks is the hardest, im near climbing the walls im so antsy. I get moody and cranky. But then, i dont even think about it anymore.. its not an issue.

But.. the moment the dry patch ends, im like a nympho again! I want it all the time!
Is this normal? Does this happen for everyone?

Im thinking tho, because of the plaster, i dont feel sexy. I dont think i look very attractive and its kinda put me in a bit of a funk..I feel clumsy and cripple. I just aint feeling the mojo baby!

Whenever im bored or have time to kill normally (well ok probably for the past 3yrs) i wank. I might put on a movie (think Andrew Blake) and play or i might jump in the shower with one of my favourite Bob's (bob= Battery Operated Boyfriend = vibrator) .. some of these wank sessions last a minute, some go for 2hrs.. some are frustrating, especially if i cant cum, or if im not reaching the right kind of orgasm ( i personally prefer cock-in-punani orgasms, clit ones are ok, but it isnt an intense kind of orgasm for me)...

so the point.. im bored and i dont even want to wank!

Whats that saying that people use "Only boring people get bored"??? is that it? Something like that, anyways, im not a boring person, normally i can entertain myself quite well.. but today for some reason.. it just aint happening..



  1. I think you need a new toy. Breathing or otherwise.

  2. i have a few really cool toys, but they just dont interest me at the moment.. a new one? meh... i cant afford to spend alot of $$$ on stuff like that at the moment, as sex workers cant get income protection insurance lol and you gotta pay at least $100 to get something decent..

  3. I love wanking!! especially laying out in the sun