Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Like Boobs ..... But...

So for two days I am working from a parlour/brothel. it’s a nice change and it also helps out a mate of mine who has just reopened a place in a small country town.

I like going back to parlour work.. Sure it is less money per booking I do, but hey, life isn’t always about money. The atmosphere is great, being around other Sex Workers is cool, having a bit of comradery.. Not something you get when you work privately. No hassles with having to answer phones, no headaches with heaps of things.. Just show up, say hi to the clients and wait til one books you! Easy!

But there is one thing that irks me….. The ladies walking around with their bits out!

I don’t dress like a skank when I work in parlours. I dress kinda sexy sure, but not revealing too much. I mean god, you gotta leave something to the imagination right?

But some girls like to show off what they got and hey, fair call, you do what suits you…….but ok, when we are all sitting in the “Girls Room” (the room we hang away from everyone to eat sleep etc) we don’t need to see your shit!
There is a lady here today who is wearing an itty bitty top… it is so short it doesn’t even cover her boobs one little bit. Now hey, I like boobs, but dam girl, im trying to eat my lunch here, I don’t wana see nipple every time I turn around!

And the thing that gets me most is, the manager here, has her partner here to help her out.. every time he walks into the Girls Room, he blushes and quickly scoots out. Is he worried that he might get caught perving? I really feel sorry for him. I think it’s a bit disrespectful to flaunt your shit around like that in front of the managers partner. Is it really that hard to cover your boobs with a dressing gown or a shirt.. Or something????

Granted, some people are so comfortable with how they look and nudity and even tho this is a brothel, isn’t there a time and a place to be showing off your shit?

Argh sorry this is a venting blog…. I guess im too much of a prude or something.. Who knows..

I like boobs but this is getting on my nerves…..

Whats wrong with me? A whore who is a prude? Lmao that’s the funniest thing ive heard all day!


  1. If we want to support your friend's new re-opening, where should we go?

  2. You are free to feel how you like, but of course, even though you like a lot of things about parlor work, this is one of those reasons why you do all the extra stuff to work on our own. So that it can be on your terms. I'm just jealous more people aren't walking around here with their bits hanging out.

  3. BTB its in wagga, 28 Reidell St (the old centrefolds/plan b)

    Justus i think every man would love to have more bits of the female kind exposed in the work place.... its good to want things LOL

  4. A whore who is a prude? Lmao too! Good one.

    You have a great weekend Huntress :)

  5. Its not that im a prude as such... ok, imagine you were at work and guys were walkin around with their cocks out. You are a straight man, u dont wana see cock.. its not cool... same thing.. im straight, i dont wana see punani or boobies while im chillin lol

  6. Ok! ok! I get it! Oh what an evil dream that would be!! Sheeeessss....!

    Lol! You have a great week ahead Huntress.

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