Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Computers Are Bad

There are some days when I dont get off the computer. Whether im doin tax crap, trolling forums, chatting with friends, trolling the forums some more, writing up ideas, playing games on facebook etc and of course now, more than anything, ive been working on my new up and coming adult forum!

But man.. its hard work!
Its never ending!
It just goes on and on and on!
There is always more that needs to be done!

No matter how many hours of work i put in, it isnt complete.
I can say to myself "ok, just one hour and then im off the computer"
One hour passes....
Two hours...
Three hours...
Daylight is fading by this stage lol ... its FUCKED!! lol

Computers are bad!
Computers are evil!!

On a serious note tho, the forum building thing, that has been fun. Ive really been getting into how it all works, but omg it can be tricky.
The thing that is taking the longest is the Joomla side to the website. Joomla is some web designing program thingy.. to be honest i dont know what it is exactly, but thats where the design of the website gets made.. I had never seen Joomla before i started this project and even after being around it for 3months, i still have no fucking idea!! LOL

Anyone know Joomla? Got any tips?

The vbulletin stuff is nearly all done :) That is making me very happy.. but at the same time, impatient!!! I want people in there now!! But i must wait... i must hold off my excitement... BUT I CANT!!!

I knew starting up a site would be hard work. It would be hard work even if i were trained in I.T crap, but as a total noob to web design, it has been very challenging... very frustrating.. and having to rely on someone else to get things done has been very VERY trying!! lol!!!

Is it all worth it?
Whats the whole point of it all?
To try and have a place for everyone and everything naughty! All adult things in one place :) All adults living harmoniously together...

Sounds airy fairy right? LOL yeah, im kinda like that sometimes :p

When will it be finished?
Who bloody knows!
I was hoping for the end of july, but i dont think thats guna happen....oh well, theres no point rushing it.. its gotta be perfect!

Keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Wow, I'm actually looking forward to visiting this adult forum, especially that you've put so much effort in it. And well, I also like to live harmoniously with other adults. :) Keep writing, cool lady!

  2. On the pissing thing, I've heard about that happening with couples. Sometimes the wiring gets screwed up and the wrong thing fires. The body is a complicated thing.

  3. @Reiza thanks for your comment :) Glad to have you as a reader :) Im really liking your blog too! I will post some comments later :p

    @callan Hmmmm id never had it happen with a partner, but there is lots of things i havent had happen in the bedroom lol. I dont know, it didnt seem "normal". More research needs to be done! lol xx