Monday, July 25, 2011

Every Ho I Know Says So

This is a blog entry with a difference.
You may have seen this video before if you are in the industry or if you follow my twitter account!

This video i found via Scarlet Alliance - Scarlet Alliance is the Australian Sex Workers Association. They fight for us and look after us and educate us :)

It was made by Lusty Day from Canada and Beef Jerky from Australia.

This video was made in Australia and Canada, where both countries have legalised Sex Work.

Its a message out there to Sex Workers partners! But... it can also help people outside of the industry get a glimpse of what goes on in the minds of us crazy people lol :P

Watch it xx i hope you enjoy it... and no before you ask, i am not in the video lol.
Please feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions xxx

For more info on sex work in Australia ->

Edit: some info changed due to someone pointing out to me it was incorrect :) Thank you Anon


  1. Fucking cool!
    What awesomely cool people. Props for sharing that video - I hope it brings a little of the people/personality/human element out from behind the shadow that is cast over the idea of sex work for others as it just did for me.
    I never thought watching a sex worker video would put a smile in my heart, and I can't say why it has. And on my face too! :)

  2. Thank you for stopping by and watching :)
    Its a cool video and i thought it was touching... wasnt sure how people not in the industry would see it, but im glad it made you smile :)

  3. The video was made by Lusty Day from Canada and Beef Jerky from Australia. It's misleading because Scarlet Alliance haven't credited them properly in the upload.

    The official website for the video is:

  4. Ah ok cool, thanks Anon for the info :) xxxx

  5. This hits so many points of important info and I still need more ....For my friend of cause. I told her I can do better now that I understand better.

  6. Kevstar, if you ever have any questions or things you want to know about a certain topic, let me know, id be happy to blog about it :)

    Thanks for watching xxx