Monday, August 15, 2011

The Best Bad Drug Ever

In my world, recreational drug use is not frowned upon. My world being my fairy world, not the sex industry world lol. In my fairy world, we dont see anything wrong with dabbling in a bit of this and that, experimenting and having a laugh. Everything tho in moderation.

When i was a young whipper snapper i consumed a fair amount of bad drugs. I kinda worked out pretty quick that i had an additive personality and could watch (to a certain degree) what i was doing. Being a junkie or an addict was never something i aspired to be. The thought of it made me sick.

I was unfortunate, that every time i tried a drug, i had positive experiences, so then my fear left... i only felt the joy...until the come down!

I was fortunate, that my body did not like coming down, which made it impossible for me to become addicted to anything stronger than weed lol. There is no way i could be a pill popper or a speed freak on a regular basis, the come down hurt my body waaaaaay too much. I was a wreck for days after a drug binge. It was not pretty.

There was a bad drug for every situation. If we were watching movies, we smoked cones (weed), if we were going out to the pub drinking, we took speed so we could drink all night, if we were going clubbin we'd take eckies (Ecstasy) or speed or both as well as drink, if we were hanging at home/a park/a beach we'd take acid and if we were trying to be up market for a birthday or celebration, we'd have some coke! Of course there were other situations which called for certain bad drugs, but there are honestly too many to list.. there is a bad drug for EVERY occasion lol.

But the best bad drug ever in my opinion... is Ecstasy/eckies/bicuits/bickies/E/MDMA whatever the fuck you wana call it.. it rocks!!!

The only problem with eckies, is you never know what you're getting. Its hard sometimes to find a good pill. But when you do... holy crap... life as you know is all of sudden.... wonderful x 10!!

And sex !! OMG sex on eckies is fucking unreal!!

One of my ex-boyfriends and i discovered eckies together. They started off just being a night club thing, then one night we had sex on them and fuck me dead it was unreal! I became addicted to the sex and that feeling! We would fuck until my punani was so dry, til his cock was red raw, till we had nothing left in us. Hours and hours!! After discovering sex on E, we got into a bit of a routine.. book a motel for the weekend, buy a shitload of pills, weed and booze and get busy!! Spa room a must!!

Once in the motel, we have a ritual... crush up a pill with a 20 and 50 cent coin (no other coins would do, it had to be those two.. i dont know why lmao) then divide it into 4 lines.. snort 2 lines each, using only a $50 or $100 note, have a cone, have a drink, jump in the spa and let the fun begin!!

Every touch is amazing... just a hand on your cheek.. the feeling of oneness, of closeness, of ... words cant describe it! We fucked so hard one night my ex had a massive bump on the back of his head from when i was riding him and his head was hitting the edge of the spa, but he did not give a shit, he was in the moment lol.

Then we would get out of the spa and continue the ritual again.. line, cone, drink, FUCK!!

The one bad thing about eckies, is for guys it can fuck with your cock a little.. hard soft hard soft... which can be annoying at times, but on eckies, it does not matter, cos you dont need your cock to please me lol, just caressing and kissing and mmmmm im getting hot thinking about it now...

Repeat ritual..

The bad thing about these hot eckie weekends, for me, they would always end in thrush lmao. So much fucking, no lube, massive dryness, rips, tears.. yep, thrush would come knocking on my door... and yes i would walk funny, like i was riding a horse lol. But it was so worth it!!

But yes, eckies are the best bad drug ever... and freakin cheap too!! back when i was in the scene, $30 could get you an awesome pill!! Bargain!!

In no way am i saying, yay, go out there and take drugs... im just saying, that they can be fun.. ive enjoyed them.. and never say never again :)


  1. Interesting post. Never really dabbled in drugs, mostly alcohol, but you are correct, sex with someone on x is unbelievable!

  2. Doesn't x just make you love the world and not really even want to have sex?

  3. IYAAYAS thanks for stopping by :) I know how busy you are lol xxxx

    Anon, when im on Eckies, all i can think of is sex... its crazy... maybe im just a nympho lmao

  4. Sex on acid is amazing.

    Ketamine is my drug of choice though. Everyone should try it at least once!