Thursday, November 15, 2012

Im So Sick Of The Hate!

I think im a pretty good person over all. Sure i do some naughty things that some people would never consider - shit, being a sex worker is a little naughty to most! But i have a good heart, i try to help people, i dont spread lies about people, i do my best to be a good person, a good sex worker , a good daughter, a good sister.......

But i have a group of haters. They are vile and horrible and im sick to fucking death of them. The best part is, of course they hide behind alias's on the internet.

They have taken information about me and twisted it. They have made up blatant lies. They have implied that i have sti's.and that i am dirty. They have used anything they could to hurt me.

I know the answer to this is to not read their dribble, to keep away from where they play their ugly games! But alas! I cannot do this, In the past they have posted personal details about myself and others, so i do go to this particular site and i do read the shit, just to make sure nothing new about me or my friends personal life is there. In the past when i have seen such information i have contacted their host and it has been removed.

If i dont go there and dont read all the crap, then how will i know what has been said and what needs to be erased?

I would like to share with you some of the lovely things they say. This is content from their 2nd website, the 1st was removed from the internet and with it most of WORST things they have ever said, but these examples will give you a rough idea on what they say about me.

In a thread recently regarding another forum owner, my name was mentioned out of nowhere
"Steelcumbucket and the self professed admin of the biggest adult forum in the country (I always thought the biggest forum was PP) must be having a great time spit roasting Holly the Houso moll."
"Holly the Houso strikes again talk about no life!"

On my coming out to my family  
"Holly you are a low life drug using fool. You had to tell your family because of the choices you made. Take it like the fool you are. You owe that guy."

Regarding my forum
"Why don't we call the forum ran by this scrubber "Poxy's Corner" or "Smelly Cunt Korner" ?"
"I have never met her but from what I have read I think the word "Fat" should be squeezed in there somehow."
"Bet tnk is gone by Christmas"
"You're on a 1 cent bet that is all I can afford   I am a cheapskate   which is more than Holly the Houso Moll is worth "

When i called for members on my site to send in complaints regarding the site
"Ha ha Holly the slag, fuck has a short memory her best mate the loser cunt mortein posted a similar reward on tnt2.Are there any real names post here on dwgas? Me thinks admin here is too smart for the houso.
Just cos the bitter slag bambi. the trailor park trash queen Holly the Houso is having another whinge.... maybe she really is discowes with a cunt they have the same attitude and both are losers.
I call on all members on dwgas to complain and have this pathetic excuse of a blog authored by a truely pathethic excuse for a human being and chief oxygen thief be taken down.
Maybe we should all contact iprimus the isp that hosts Holly the Houso's poxy forum and complain about a TOU violation, hmmmm not in iprimus' best interest's to be hosting a sex forum...... breach of TOU....touche...slag !"

In a thread titled "Holly"
"I dislike Holly because Holly is "the trailor park trash princess", complete with over inflated opinion of herself and a love of coconuts... also for the fact Holly is a multi-faced hypocryte. 
Holly is one of the most over rated hookers in the history of forums.
BTW: the SDU downfall started when the fat jew and his cock sucker mate Wes let trash like Holly moderate the place...  Cos both of those dumb cunts would suck the jam rags from a gutter crawling street walker"
"I have sadly read the posts in Holly the Houso blog (hence the term "Houso") and came to the conclusion that she is really fucked up and is in need of psychiatric help. Holly the Houso is just a low cast loser who has delusions of grandieur just like her mate Amy Mongrel from Adelaide, nothing special just gossips. "

When i stood up for a fellow worker
"I kinda wish that Holly's flat mate killed her. She is a waste of space on this planet. 
Justsaying.""And now we have the duplicious Holly (bambi) throwing in her useless opinion.
I have read all of your posts Holly on several forums, do you actually want us to believe your duplicous rant.
The only loser is Holly the owner of a Z-grade forum called "I thought I could do better than everyone else but in reality are too stupid to be anything but a whore". Too stupid to do the work on her own forum so she enlists the help of that other useless duplicious loudmouth piss weak cunt Moretein (admin for the worlds greatest adult forum.....NOT) Holly just because I have a pot shot at a member of the Dog Squad, (yes which you are part of) so you have inflict us with you unwanted opinion. The question for you coconut lover is this; "How do you know exactly what service Slurry offer's?"
Holly you useless moll I have seen you take pot shot's at other worker's, so do us all a favour and ram your opinion up your decrepit cunt. You only swing with the wind"

 I cant be bothered reading anymore on their site. It is just a shit place to be really... so thats all im posting today. 

For those outside of Australia, a "houso" is someone who lives in public housing. A "moll" and "scrubber" is like a dirty slut.

I dont know who the people are. I dont think these people even really know me! But im over them! 

What have i done to make it in their posts again recently?? Nothing! I havent been fighting with anyone, i havent caused any drama to anyone, i have been busy doing lots of home stuff that i havent had time to get involved in much at all these days....

So why do they have to keep bringing my name up and being nasty? I still dont understand why they harbor so much hate towards me! Its insane!

Why do they read my blog and my posts on the internet if they dont want to hear what i have to say? I just dont get it. I dont read blogs etc of people i dont like.. i have better things to do!

How do i get them to just go away and not talk about me ever again???

I cant..there is nothing i can do... i know this... im just so over it.

Why does it bother me? Is it because i cant bear the thought of being disliked? Maybe. 
Is it because what they say hurts my feelings? Hmmm maybe, but i know what they are saying is not true, they dont know me!
Or perhaps is it because i just have no control of the situation?

Maybe a bit of all of them.

Whatever it is, IM SO SICK OF THE HATE!


  1. Very sad that you are treated that way. I imagine most of your clients see you as a thing to be used rather than a person. Would that be true? Or are most just ordinary, respectful men who treat you like a lady? I don't know? I'm curious. There is a very bad stigma attached to your profession. I don't think it's fair, and I'm sorry that you have been hurt.

    1. MY clients are very respectful! They definitely treat me like a lady :)

      Thats why this is driving me insane! Im not used to be treated so poorly by anyone :(

  2. Hi Holly. I've been silently following your blog for a while, but now I think I it's time to say hi. Hi! Yes, it IS sad that some people feel the need to be so nasty. Don't take it personally, what they write speaks volumes about who THEY are, not about who YOU are. Thank you for your wonderful, insightful, intelligent and inspiring blog.

    1. Thanks for reading xx
      I hear what you are saying and i guess thats what i normally do, just not take it personally and go about my day... but it is just never bloody ending lol...

  3. I'm an avid reader of your blog. Indeed you really ought to use your instincts in this situation and not what someone says.

    1. My instincts never seem to be right lol

  4. Haters hate, and especially when they see you doing well, they hate all the more.
    But most people who read this blog love the way you write and what you write about, so keep that up.
    As far as what you can do about haters... not much. It sucks they are posting personal information about you. That, more than insulting you online, would make me hella angry. Hope those idiots cut it out soon. Stay strong.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comments xxx
      Im strong.. just bloody over it.. lol

  5. I have many friends in the industry and so many people love to hate on dancers and sex workers. I have found in my experiences that the people engaged in these activities, are actually the stronger people in life. The weak people are just jealous and have nothing better to do with their time than hate on others ;) keep up the good work and hooroo mate ;)

    1. It happens in every industry.. the internet has turned millions of people into dickhead trolls lol.
      Thanks for reading xxx

  6. Hi Holly, yes I enjoy what you have to say and yes I have met you a few times. I have come across all different types of people in my life some mean some nice you are one of the nice people. Ignore the dickheads and keep on being you.