Wednesday, May 2, 2012


ive neglected this blog.... i dont know what happened... i just stopped writing... it used to be a need, to write.... now it seems like i never have the time!

 Twitter was always just a bit of fun. I never thought of it as a decent marketing tool for me, although i could see how it was doing wonders for others! Lucky bastards lol. So it was for fun.. But now, man, so many people use twitter to lash out, to have arguements, to make someone feel like shit, airing out their dirty laundry..... im guilty of it to, even tho i try not to, it really does suck you in. It just isnt right.. I see so much that i physically cringe when i read them. How did it get like this? When did this become ok?

Facebook brings its endless share of weird and wonderful problems.. from most workers having their facebook account suspended for one reason or another, to a billion weirdo guys adding you as a friend and then only posting german porn (well i think its German, some of it is pretty messed up) and while their pages stay and never get into trouble from the powers that be on facebook, my peers are getting suspended for a provocative pose, not even a full nude! Pffft...

 I recently changed my facebook pic to a face shot... it was liberating! But then i got an influx of weirdo people tryin to add me as a friend, so i went back to the old faithful lol. I dont want that kind of attention on there. I swear out of the 1000+ friends i have on facebook, im sure only about 300 are in australia, the rest are weirdos from overseas! Why are they adding me, a hooker from australia, who has no porn pics, nothing racey.. why me WHYYYYYY? I now rarely get on my "real me' facebook page, only my work one... are my normal friends outside the industry boring? No! So why do i not bother reading their crap?

 Tumblr has become a fast favourite, but the thing that kills me, the only people i seem to come across on tumblr are 13-22 yr old emos and Jersey Shore wannabes.. are there any grown ups on tumblr? Ive only seen about 4, myself included! I obviously need to get better links to good tumblr blogs lol.. HELP

 Social media.. there is so much to look at. So much to interact with. So many communities.

 You sometimes can feel a little lost in the crowd...
 Makes me miss REAL face to face interaction..

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