Monday, October 25, 2010

Are Whores Just Really Smart Sluts?

When I go out to a club, I see all these young girls 18-25, dressed in their hoochie mama outfits, shaking their barely covered asses on the dance floor and I smile. They look like whores. Like prostitutes. The clothes they wear clubbin, I wear when im working. I wouldn’t dare dream of wearing that kind of thing out in public…..well not anymore anyways LOL

When I was 16-23, yeah I wore the skanky clothes too. I was on the prowl, looking for a man.. Any man to be honest.. I was a slut. I didn’t even care if I had their name or not, I just loved sex, loved the attention and would do whatever it took to get it.

Then I found the sex industry. Wow. I could be myself and get paid? Are you fucking kidding me? This is brilliant!

So I changed.. the clothes I wore to a club all of a sudden became more conservative, I didn’t have to wear my slut uniform anymore, cos that was now my work uniform. I would look at my girlfriends, hangin off every guy with their teeny tiny skirts, almost showing their punani, I would watch them drunkenly throw themselves at available men…and I would think to myself “holy shit, was I this bad?”

Im guessing a big fat YES!

There are many reasons why people go into the sex industry.. Sure there are some sad stories, no other way to make money, tryin to support a drug habit… but my entry into the industry and like so many other girls was my love of a good time and meeting new men.

Why wouldn’t you want your job to be something you absolutely love? Are we the smartest sluts out there? Cashing in on what we once so easily gave away for free?

I have seen my mates meet a boy at a club and then off to the toilets/alleyway/dark corner or home for a random shag. I used to do this also. None of us used protection in these situations (ie: condoms) but now, now that im educated in all that is sex and sexually transmitted diseases, you wouldn’t catch me fuckin a bare dick I didn’t know ever again! I try to pass this onto my girlfriends, even hand them a rubber, but they don’t use it. How stupid are sluts???

Are whores smarter than the average scrubber? I say HELL YES and here are my reasons why:

Whores get paid to fuck random men. Sluts do not. They are lucky if they get a taxi paid for them to go home in.
Whores are more likely to be aware of what a sexually transmitted disease looks like. Sluts do not.
Whores are more likely to use protection therefore reducing risk of pregnancy and disease. Sluts do not.
Whores don’t need to throw themselves at men, men come to them. Well, ok this can work for sluts too lol.
Whores don’t need to be trashed/drunk/off their face to work/have a good time. Sluts generally need to be one of these things to score.
Whores don’t always get work based on their looks alone. Some punters like personality. Sluts don’t have to be pretty, they just have to have their legs open.

Im sure there are more reasons why whores are smarter but im drawing a mental blank.. Hey, I never said we were genius’s, just that we are smarter than sluts


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