Thursday, August 5, 2010

Random Things That Pop In My Head....

**Jealousy is a curse..and one that i have not been given! Of course i have moments of feeling it, but its always only a passing thought. I dont harp on it, dont let it eat away at me..
I do envy some people.. but not in an unhealthy way...i dont understand how some people allow their jealousy to overwhelm them... or sneak into their life..**

**I had cheesey fries for dinner tonight. Basically, shoe string fries, covered with pizza cheese, under the grill... yum! They werent as good as 'Lone star's" but they were pretty good. I feel fat already lmao.. mmmmmm my arteries love me hahaha**

**I was watching a documentary about taboo things.. In Bangladesh, prostitutes are shunned. Forever tainted. Girls sold for $5000, as young as 12, forced to pay off the debt to the Madam. 1 hour = $4. Im so lucky to be in Australia. Mwah x x**

**One of my dogs has mastered the art of killing rabbits. Yay for me when i woke up today, opened the door and there on my doormat... rabbit guts. Good one Bubby (my dogs nickname) but Mummy doesnt like these presents lol**

**I really like vegemite and cheese sandwiches, zapped in the microwave for 30seconds. And it can be shit cheese, 'plastic cheese' i like to call it, you know those cheese slice things? Yeah them... mmmmm. and it can be a bread roll also.. I havent had one of them in ages.. might have to indulge tomorrow**

**Id love to go to Amsterdam and walk down the red light district. I dont know if i could do what those girls do..sit in the window, just hoping and waiting.. without pay tv it would do my head in LOL**

**I thought i had a boil, Omg you have no idea how much i freaked. It was in a not so cool spot. I was convinced it was a boil. I stopped work, i was short of cash...and it wasnt a boil. Yes it was a pimple. The best dam cared for pimple you ever met LOL**

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