Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Defining Relationships

How do you know when you're in a relationship?
Do you gauge it by the actions or by the title?
Why do we have to define it?
Does everything in life need a definition?
Can we just exist, going with the flow, taking what comes?

You know when you're in a relationship when someone starts introducing you as their 'girlfriend/boyfriend'..when every waking hour you either long to be with or make sure you are with, your significant other... when you just KNOW deep within yourself, no doubt, you are theirs and they are yours.

You dont gauge it by the actions. Any man can make the right moves, say the right thing to get into your pants.. actions should never be trusted. Title is the key i think.

Alot of people need the definition, as alot of people dont like living with uncertainty. they like things black n white. They need to label things for their own internal engine (the brain) so they can comprehend the situation.

There are many people who cant grasp the concept of 'going with the flow'. It contradicts everything they have been taught. Everything they have ever known.

Speaking of contradictions.. i have already contradicted myself in this blog at least once. Have you noticed? With matters of the heart, there is no right or wrong..sane or crazy.. love/hormones make us do the strangest things. Irrational things. CRAZY things.

So why do we keep allowing ourselves to fall in love?

Are we gluttons for punishment? Closet emo's?

How do you tell the latest fling in your life that he/she is just a fuck buddy?
How do you tell a fuck buddy that you want more than fucking?
Why would you want to?

Too many questions, not enough answers! LOL

How do you define a relationship?
When do you start defining?
Do you need to?

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