Friday, December 6, 2013

Letter To The Editor

Is it just me or is it time to take “Sex” off the front page of the paper?
Friday 6th dec edition, on the front page we have a lovely story on letters to Santa .. And then right underneath “SEX ZONE MOVE UNDER REVIEW” in the biggest font possible.

 My 2 main issues with this are:

 1. Yes I am a sex worker and yes I wrote in a submission to Council regarding zoning. The industry and these issues obviously quite close to my heart, BUT is this front page news? The sex industry in NSW is just another LEGAL industry. Would a butcher shop wanting to move to a different zone make the front page? Nope. But the moment an issue comes up with the adult industry BAM! There it is on the front page! Do people think this is a front page story??? I don’t see it as THAT important. Does the Griffith community really need to know about what the adult industry is doing ahead of what I think are important community issues? Such as “Residents Fear Fires Deliberately Started” page 3. Heck, I think that’s front page worthy, you? Or, “Egg Prices Set to Increase - Bird flu causes shortage” page 4, gee that’s also something that effects the community a lot more than the adult industry. But no, they didn’t get front page.. Why? They are more relevant to the local community, they are more important to the community - How did Council reviewing zoning on the adult industry get priority???

Its another example of media being sleazy and using sex as a way to perpetuate the stigma and stereotyping of the adult industry.. Cause controversy and get more buyers.. Basically they are exploiting people like myself!

 2. The placement of this story is in my opinion disgusting. Santa up top, cute kid pic and then SEX! Did that make anyone else feel uncomfortable? Because I sure did. Im not ashamed of who I am and what I do, but even I know there is some things you keep away from children. The placement of this story below a great story regarding Santa and xmas was wrong on so many levels.

 I understand that the community needs to know about changes within council. I understand that some may find the adult industry intriguing, whether in a positive or negative way, but I don’t believe that it is front page news for a such a family orientated community like Griffith. Put it where it belongs on page 2, 3 or 4 and leave the front page for the REAL important community news!

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