Saturday, December 18, 2010

I am broken...

i have plaster!
i have to see a surgeon!
im typing with 2 fingers on my right hand... hence why there is no capital letters and i havent been blogging! dont forget me! i will be back! once i am fully functional again!

i have had many issues whilst being a cripple and i will share them with you soon..

until then have a fabulous xmas x x x


  1. that's so sad. and you have a picture of a pussy in cast. is that to remind you that it could have been worse than a thumb in a cast? hope you get back here soon.

  2. i thought if i put a cutsie pic, people would be more inclined to feel sorry for me lmao x x

    thanks MS & Justus x x x

  3. that poor kiiitttiieee!!! and poor you! get well soon. both :D

  4. hey get well soon and take great care dear ,
    god bless.

  5. Hi. Hope you'll get well soon. Would love to read more of your stories.
    Dyna :)

  6. thanks everyone x x plaster comes off soon! Cant wait to get back to blogging! When i can type properly, i will be back :) Until then, add your blog page in the linky!!

  7. Take care and get well soon. Happy new year.