Friday, November 26, 2010

Money Down The Toilet

As an escort, some would consider me “cheap”.
No not cheap as in a bad thing but as a service, I don’t charge a high rate compared to others in the industry.
$250 an hour and Im all yours…
To some people, $250 for one hours work is A LOT of money. I agree.. It is a lot to spend, especially with no guarantee that you will like me and have a good time (lucky for me, most people like me and DO enjoy an hour or two with me lol)

In Australia, escorts roughly range from $150 an hour to $800 an hour. A small few are even higher. The difference between the $150 lady and the $800 lady can be very noticeable .. But sometimes there is none. Same service, beautiful girl, everything you wanted and needed.. But most have the same end result - a good time was had by all. That itch you needed scratching, taken care of!

Some people can justify spending that much money on an encounter with a beautiful woman. Some people can afford that luxury. One of the things that makes this life so dam good, is that we have choices and we can do what makes us happy!

Movie stars and celebrities are not cheap.
A star like say, Tom Cruise gets an average $60million for a movie.
How many hours work is that? A year? Maybe 2? Maybe 3 if a lot of research is needed?
$60million. Is an actor really worth that much? Is any one person worth that much
Why is the world set on paying so much for entertainment? Is it really that important to us?
Are they contributing to the world in a really positive way and helping the future generations? You know, cos its so important for our grandkids to have quality films to watch… YEAH RIGHT

What does anyone need with that kind of money?? How many houses do they really need? Sure we all want to be financially secure but for fucks sake COME ON! $60million is fuckin ridiculous!!

It’s the same with sports stars.
“Yay you, you have done weights and trained so hard and played some great football… here’s $1million+ for all your hard work, for changing the world, making it a better place, our lives would have been a pathetic waste if we didn’t have you in our lives” blah blah blah.

Why is societies focus on rewarding entertainment?
Why are there starving children in this world when we can afford to give celebrities this kind of endorsement? When did it become ok for an actor to consciously accept that kind of money for doing something that they love?

Lets go back to me. I charge $250 an hour. Sure I could charge more, I could put a bit more effort into myself, add a few extra services and charge $400+ an hour….
But I cant justify that.
I look at my industry, I look at what kind of life I want to live and I made the decision that is what I wanted to charge (im not in anyway knocking ladies that do charge more, we all do what is comfortable with ourselves, im only using this is show an example.. You will see my point soon lol)

Now lets pretend I was an actor. Lets say I was good in my field, a wanted lady, I loved what I was doing, it was my passion... A film comes my way, they offer me $10million for one years filming…
There is no way I could accept that amount.
The work involved does not warrant that kind of wage.
Its ridiculous.
How could I take that amount when there are doctors and scientists out there, trying to find cures for diseases, begging and pleading for grants, for money to continue their research? How could I take that kind of money when there are countries devastated by natural disasters? By famine? People are dying.. But hey I just made $10million and I have a main house, a beach house, a house in the alps, and a maid and 5 cars and my own jet…. How did this become acceptable????

Im guna take a guess in saying, that if all the movies stars and sports stars and celebrities alike took a pay cut and that money was put to better use, the world we live in would be different….its totally possible!

Within the adult industry the guys know the price range that is acceptable, they know roughly what they should be paying for a service. Its not capped as such but there is an unwritten value on such services.

I believe in some Australian sports the wage is capped. There is a maximum amount that any one player can be paid for a season.

What price can we put on someone like Tom Cruise?
Yeah yeah he is an ok actor, (I don’t like him very much, not since his divorce with Nicole lol) but $60million? Pffft!

How can we make these celebrities see that all of them, if they joined forces and pulled out some $$$, they could make a difference? How do we get people to see that they don’t need 4 houses worth $4million each, that 2 cars is pretty dam good for one household, and no they really don’t need a plasma TV in every room???

What do all the houses and cars and money really bring anyways? Are mega rich celebrities free of drama, personal issues, drug addiction, tragedy, pain and heartache? Does it save them from an early grave?


To those out there, making this kind of money I say (well they arent reading this but whatever), set yourself a wage! $1million a year is enough to live a lavish lifestyle! Give something back! And no, giving Oprahs foundation $10,000 doesn’t count! Don’t adopt babies from poor countries, that’s only helping that one child, how about giving a little something to a community.. While you sit there on your bidet, having your ass flushed with warm water after taking a dump in your marble lavatory, think about the village in Rwanda that has no running water and certainly no clean toilet facilities!

What are you really worth? What do you need to make you happy? Think about it hard, because I think you will discover, that happiness cannot be found in your bank account, but how you live and love…


  1. I just noticed i have contradicted myself at least once in this blog.. oh well.. it happens lmao

  2. good call. it'a a greedy, gimme gimme world we live in, and it seems to get worse everyday.

  3. I've often wondered these things myself. I think the sports and celebrity industries are a testament to how bored people are and how incapable they are of entertaining themselves. They seem to need this kind of amusement in their lives to keep from slitting their wrists.

  4. One thing I have learned from experience is not to be too judgemental.