Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Eyes Are Closed

I first posted this in a forum I'm a member of.. I love reading over it.. makes me smile.. so i thought i would share

When I first became a sex worker, I was 21. A RnT (rub n tug - nudey massage) girl actually lol. I was nervous. I had no idea if I really REALLY could go thru with it. My first booking, I didn’t do an intro. The receptionist had let the house regs know that a fresh new Working Lady was starting and I already had a booking!

He was an older gentleman. He had a friendly face. My nerves were making my body tremble. He took my hand and walked me into the room.
What happened from that point on, changed the way I enjoyed sex and touch and smell..


After formalities, shower, health check (yes he told me what I should be looking for and explained the whole process) there we both were.. Standing in the room alone.
He told me not to be nervous. He told me that he wouldn’t do anything I didn’t want to do. He told me how beautiful and innocent and enticing I was. He smiled a lot. I liked his smile :)

He told me that normally I would give him a massage and then a pull at the end, but for our first time together, he wanted to soak me in. He loved the fact I was a virgin to the industry.
He took off each layer of my clothes, one by one. With each piece of clothing, more of my body was revealed to him. He would stop and look at me, compliment me, caress me. My nerves were still very much there, but this man before me, who was adoring my body, was making me start to feel something.

When I was completely naked, he fell to his knees.. He looked up me as if I were the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He looked as tho he felt he was not worthy. I had never given a man a reaction like this before. It made me blush, it made me hide my eyes from him. It made me wet.

He asked me to lie on the massage table and close my eyes.

My eyes closed.

He explored every inch of me, just with his hands to start with. With my eyes closed, all my other senses were on overdrive. Every touch felt warm and tingly. His hand running up the sides of my legs, along my hips, around my pubic hair, but yet never touched in between my legs. Along my chest, all over my arms, not once touching my breasts.

My body started to yearn for him. I wanted him to touch me in the places he was so intent on avoiding.

The faint smell of his aftershave lingered in my nose, every time he got closer to my face, I could smell it, as the aroma got closer I secretly hoped he would kiss me. I could hear soft moans coming from him as he touched on certain places. More moans when his touch would make me moan quietly.

I was so shy to make noise. I was never very vocal during sex with boyfriends before.
My body would involuntarily move when he touched somewhere in the oh so right kind of way.

He asked me if he could taste me. I didn’t know that DATY (going down on a girl) was an extra. Money never came into my head. I wanted him to taste me.

I whispered, yes

Close your eyes, he says

He started at my toes, kissing every single one. My legs he held in both hands as he showered them with kisses. He parted my legs. My breathing was getting faster and faster. The anticipation was killing me. I just wanted to grab his head and shove it between my legs. But in reality, I could not move.

He kissed my inner thigh. First one, then the other, lightly running his lips across my pussy lips to go from one thigh to the other.
The moment his lips touched my pussy, that first moment, I felt my back arch, my body shake, it was bliss.

I came like I had never come before from a man going down on me. Sure it had been good before but this was a whole new ball game. Whether it be that under21yr olds have no idea what they are doing, or whether it be the naughtyness of what I was doing, the sensation of liberation, the sexual awareness I had just experienced, whatever it was.. I liked it.

I came several times, at first a little embarrassed. I tried to hide it, he found that very amusing. But some things you just cant hide or denying and many explosive orgasms were had.

He never asked to cum. As soon as he had a me a shivering mess on the table and not from the cold, but from joy, he came and gave me a kiss on my forehead and whispered in my ear “That was beautiful”

A lot of time has passed since then. I no longer get the same looks of awe as I undress, but that’s ok. Nothing lasts forever.

But I do close my eyes

And savour every touch, every caress, every kiss, every moment


  1. i feel like i'm getting a behind the scene look into something so many just look down on. thank you

  2. Justus are you talking about society looking down on sex workers? Cos, man that happens all the time! So many people make so many assumptions about us. If you met me in the street, you would have no idea of what i do. Im a nice sweet girl :) Im not a druggo, im not on welfare, i dont have a criminal record, i dont have 3 kids by different fathers, i dont wear skanky clothes...im just a girl/woman who enjoys life, new experiences, interactions with new people... Sex is a beautiful thing. Some just dont know how to appreciate it....

  3. Awesome. The perfect expression of a man and a woman, together. Giving. Enjoying. It's for you, my pleasure is yours.

  4. I dated a sex worker, she wasn't when we met and she wasn't when we split but for a time she did work in the industry. I found this incredibly beautiful and at the same time agonising to read. My GF never told another living soul what happened in her first booking. Not even the madam at the brothel she worked at & they shared everything, to the point after 3 odd months they worked ot they were related! 1 of the reasos she left was I couldn't cope with the thought of her being with other men. I knew she loved me, I believe she still does but it just tore me up. Sorry for the long post. What I really meant to say was I wonder if she never talked about her first time because it went something like this? Her client was someone the madam recommended , a trusted long time client.

  5. To stop focusing on me for 1 second sorry. You are incredibly fortunate to have experienced this at any time in your life I'm sure many women never do. Especially fortunate that such a special experience occurred at a time when you were so nervous and unsure. It easily could have been a booking to remember for much less pleasant reasons.

  6. Fantastic recount - made me horny reading it

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