Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What Kind Of Undies Are You?

I once did one of those bullshit quizzes in some girlie magazine “what kind of undies are you?” After answering their stupid ass questions, they decided that I was a g-string. Yay me!

I am sooooooo not a g-string. Apart from being great to hide panty lines under tight clothes, g-strings for me, do nothing but irritate my ass, to the point I constantly feel like I have a wedgie. Im more of a boy-leg undies kind of gal. Or no undies at all.. Im startin to like that feeling. Never went undie-less much before but recently.. Its kind of liberating lol.

Is it just me or does everyone have different kinds of undies for different days/times of the month etc??

I have granny panties that only come out when I have my period (or for a client who seems to like them a lot). They arent attractive at all, but omg, cotton undies feel so comfy and secure lol. Just what you need when you are hormonal I suppose. Men never see me in those undies. Well ok that’s a lie, my lover has seen me in them but only briefly as a whip them off hahaha!

I have sexy lacy girlie undies that I wear for work. I used to have an extensive collection of these, some costing A LOT of money… but then when they started getting pinched by clients when I was working at a parlour I stopped buying the expensive ones and now only have a few pairs. Why would a guy want to steal a hookers dirty pair of undies????? Ewwwwwww gross!

Many years ago, I wore my ex boyfriends undies! Yep it was not an attractive look but meh, they were comfy!

Do you wear undies for comfort or is your bottom half always dressed up to the nines? Do you wear pretty ones everyday or do you only have select times?

Mens undies are getting nicer looking all the time! I was surfing thru a site http://www.become.com (which might I just say has some awesome bargains!! Like totally off topic, but I found a pair of sunnies that are SOOOOOO cheap -> check them out here http://clothing-and-accessories.become.com/accessories/sunglasses the “Oakley” pair, second row, second from the left, holy crap they are CHEAP.. I want them!!!) anyways, I was looking thru guys undies http://clothing-and-accessories.become.com/mens-clothing/underwear and the difference in mens undies from 10yrs ago is huge! I don’t know what they are called, but ok., the first pair on that page, look like bike pants.. I was never a fan of bike pants on men.,. And well, as undies, I gotta say, im not feeling them lol. If a guy came to me in those undies I would probably laugh. If they were a bit shorter, ok maybe I could handle them but not that long lol.

The Calvin Klein X undies are HOT! I like them a lot and any dude that came to me wearing them, I would definitely sit there and have a perve .. They show off all the right things….and I like the blue elastic thingy.. I like blue a lot this month, so they fully stand out..

Men are funny tho, they will hold onto a pair of undies for as long as they can. Holes in the crouch.. How the fuck do guys get holes in their undies?? Is it from scratching their balls?? Is it from the hair in their ass? I have no idea, but I know I have never ever had holes like that in my undies. What do you boys do to them??? The elastic will be ripped or not elasticy anymore and yet they still insist on wearing them.. Are guys sentimental about undies??? Who knows! Lol

So what kind of undies are you? A racy black g-string? A sensible pair of cotton briefs? Au naturale?


  1. i started going commando, honestly cause it sorta turned me on to be aware of myself. now it's mostly commando. the exception is the gym, where it's boxer briefs, and modeling, in which it's something along the lines of the ones on the site you pointed out, unfortunately without the nice blue part. funny thing is, now wearing the boxer briefs does what not wearing anything did in the first place, makes me aware of myself

  2. the blue band really sets them off :) lol
    Glad you wear undies to the gym.. does anyone go commando at the gym???? eww,. no wait, i just got bad visuals of men running around in bike pants and no jocks.. ewwwww LOL x x x

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  4. I am a boxer guy myself, but I used to be strictly briefs. As for women, Thongs Rule, but I know they are uncomfortable. I kind of like the sexy "boy shorts" or whatever they are called.

  5. have u ever worn a man g-string? LOL
    not only do they look wrong on guys, they must be uncomfortable! They look constricting lol.